Rescue Journal

i had the most distressing dream when i was napping this afternoon

Carol  ·  Nov. 29, 2010

i couldn't breathe and i was flip flopping across the floors here in every single room pulling drawers out and dumping out baskets of meds looking for an inhaler to suck on...renee and ryan were trying to help me find one and they were creating an equal amount of mess and seemed like the i couldn't breathe dream went on for hours (i was asleep for 2..i hope that whole time i was not stuck doing the gasping fish!)
anyway my dream ended sister barb showed up, took one look at me and went next door to her house (she actually lives in kelowna) and brought me over her inhaler to use. and then i was fine...and when i woke up i wasn't having any real problem breathing in real awake life either (except i do have a chest cold). weird...that was a freaky air sucking dream!...i am wondering if frodo was sleeping on my congested chest and making it harder to breathe??? he wasn't there when i woke up, he was quietly and innocently laying next to me.

hmmm...frodo, is an interesting cat, he knows how to get what he wants and he liked that i was sick today..he stayed with me the entire resting day...we watched that older movie "wooly boys" and then we napped together...and i bet his nap was more pleasant then mine. i told him i would hang with him again tomorrow and he is happy about that..he thinks i should be sick more often or..just give up living in the zoo altogether and move over with him to the suite.

Well I am the King of SAINTS so really you should be paying more attention to me more often missy