Rescue Journal

i pretty much hung by my sick little self yesterday so i did get the bathroom, medical room, shop area tidied up

Carol  ·  Nov. 29, 2010

i couldn't manage any great job on any of those tasks...but i did manage a light tidy up and even that helps.
i am still coughing and congested and feel like shit. i probably could go to work today and struggle thru the day but going to work when you are spewing forth germs is not very fair to our patients, the last thing they need is my viral plague. i did call in for the next 2 shifts..can't see that i will be all that much better by tomorrow anyway..maybe by wednesday if my coughing is better i can go back into work. it is a very good thing i have a ton of accumulated sick time....i actually have accumulated more over the years than 20 weeks worth so if i ever do break another ankle and i break it somewhere other than work..i should be well covered til i can go back to work. i am lucky i have a great job that i really like and good sick bank benefits too so i can afford to lose a couple of days from my bank while i do feel like crap!

we are going thru some staffing and job assignment changes for the next few weeks and we will be hiring again soon so the staff maybe working in different areas then the volunteers are used to them rotating thru. we have been talking about sick days and when staff need an extra day off for personal reasons so i think we need to go back to the days when every staff was comfortable and proficient in working in every area works better here with a team approach where the staff know all of the animals in every area. this works better too when one area is having a difficult day and needs some extra help to get thru. i do believe that renee and i (and maybe tammy and jenn and laura do too?) are the only ones who know every single animal here by sight..that probably is not very good.

it is hard to keep everyone up to date with so many new is mostly the cats and the rabbits and chickens that start confusing folks...they live in specific and confined areas.... the dogs and the bigger barn guys are in everyone's face and under everyones feet so they are easier to get to know really well.

when the staff get here today..i am heading off to the hideaway suite..i think a day or two of actual rest will get me feeling better again. this is the good thing about sick days from work...we are covered here on my supposed to be work days and i don't fill up those days with saints things cuz i am supposed to be i am pretty much responsibility and duty free and can go and do nothing for the day if i need.