Rescue Journal

managing the little monsters.

Carol  ·  Nov. 30, 2010

forced to get up and mobile by another coughing fit.

that's ok..perdy got an extra outside time which is good cuz she has had the runs. i see that esther is up and around and sampling from all of the food bowls. she is looking much happier than she was earlier today.
sweetie spent a whole hour up on my bed. sadly when she got down, grumpy griffin had already taken over her bed so she had to make due with a thick blanket folded for her on the floor.
not even i would be brave enough to try to oust griffin from any bed he has claimed.

i do believe that big bambi has had a pretty decent day. i think the weekends are too chaotic for her and she reacts to the high levels of excitement that the dogs work themselves up into.
we have so many eager little beaver little ones that med and feeding times are getting out of hand. adding the guys from LA just made it that much more difficult. i got REALLY pissed off yesterday morning while trying to do the diabetics...they have to eat their full bowls of food because of their insulins. i had this pack of frantic beasts trying to push in and causing a giant ruckus...i just wasn't in the mood for it. i yelled at them all and especially little big bud who was being particularly bothersome and refusing to listen when i said get off angel's bed where i was trying to feed and poke her...since i was in a foul mood, i just dumped him right off the bed and yelled at him some more..he didn't care, when food is around that dog is deaf and clueless.

tonight i had more patience and i tried to do it in a different way...i used the crate in my room for a feeding crate and rotated the little ones thru with their meds and food. the guys who were not getting meds but wanted some so they would get some canned food....i made them sit and be polite before giving them a spoonful.

it is my own fault i let these little dogs get out of control sometimes..i let them get away with murder that i would never tolerate from the bigger dogs. well, there are so many of the frantic little beasties now, that i don't have much choice. they are going to have to work for their treats by being patient and polite.

it is way easier to treat and feed a bunch of little crazy dogs if they are not running and jumping and leaping around.
just because i am sick, does not mean i can be totally impatient. and just because they are little does not mean they can be little freak outs. so i am going to try to take the chaos out of feeding and treating time. they will all get some but only if they stay nice and calm.

it is about time i started making these spoiled little ones start towing the, jesse and andy know how to wait and take when finally invited...duh, carol...those little beasts can learn that too.

watch out guys..i did not like my temper blow up yesterday so today i am taking back my power and self control and we are going to do this a better way which you will all have to be good.

i wonder how long this will take? my guess is at least one full depends on if i can be iron hard persistent...hmmm..not so sure i have it in me...i guess we will see.

it would be easier if they weren't all so freaking damn cute.