Rescue Journal

good sense won out...i am keeping my germs at home.

Carol  ·  Dec. 4, 2010

good thing too cuz i really had a not so great night.
interestingly enough...2 of the dogs started with pretty bad coughs last night that sound just like mine...dee and little big bud. now i have twice gotten some form of mild kennel-like cough from the dogs over the years when we have had a break out up here. but this will be the first time i might have passed anything of the human viral variety over to them...this time instead of kennel cough, we might have carol cough...oh yay.

i am hoping it is just coincidence cuz if it ain't and it spreads, this is truly going to suck even more.

good lord...i have seen those plague movies...i might be a cross species viral vector! it is a good thing this is only a crappy chest cold.

there might be a very good reason why jelly counts her kibble whenever she gets back to her room. while jelly was out for a pee...i watched bonita clean up all the pieces that jelly had tossed around on her floor. when jelly came in she noticed right away that there was no kibble crunching beneath her feet. she looked long and hard at her floor...she checked all along the edges and corners too and then she stood at the door and glared at bonita thru the wire cuz i am assumimg her nose told her whose busy body thieving mouth had been cleaning her floor.

i was careful when i brought slow poke bambi back in just in case jelly decided to re-direct. i just could not stand the possible hysterical screaming that might bring wedged jelly up against the wall with the back of my legs and told bambi to get in here quick! and she did...she actually is a pretty good and somewhat cooperative dog.

i did have to point the deadly finger at larry...he started screaming at 7 am with the excited others when i finally did get out of bed. i told him..he cannot scream until at least i have had a cup of tea or even better yet..when i am sick....until i have left the house for the day.... his choral voice is mind shattering and he doesn't know this cuz he is 90% deaf!

i am starting misty on looks like she is also starting with a cold..a significant portion of the new cats will get sick within a month of arrival..especially the ones coming from family homes. and this would be because cats are not meant to live in communal shelters..they are in fact meant to live their lives safe within their relatively viral free homes....due to lack of exposure, their immune systems pretty much suck.

and there are 2 new cats coming in from the spca this feline leukemia and one FIV senior.

little mister bit me hard yesterday..even without teeth! it felt like i slammed my thumb nail in the car door. so ok.... i was slightly torturing the little beast...he needed a mini butt shave tune up, a quick swish in the sink and a blow dry to finish him off. i just don't get how that little blind and deaf toothless dog can bite so fast and accurately..... he's good.

it just occurs to me that i forgot and left the little prince warmly asleep on my bed when i got up...i SHOULD have woken him up and put him down on the floor cuz now i am going to be changing my bed again....i am such a dunder-head.

oh well i better get dressed, get him off my bed if maybe it isn't too late and get the apples and bananas out to the barn before mo gets here to feed cuz there ain't any out there this morning.

lol..larry is so freaking cute...he figures if he gets his front feet on to the pee pad..that is pretty damn good. he always looks so surprized when he sees the puddle he left on the floor around his back seems poor pissing aim might affect the males of a couple of different species.