Rescue Journal

quickie at saints today.

Carol  ·  Dec. 4, 2010

dee has been adopted..she has gone to live on the island with a vet assistant who is also the adoption coordinator for another rescue group. her diabetes just is not a problem for her new mom. luckily i on the spur of the moment decided to squeeze her into molly`s vet recheck and was able to get her blood sugars and her cough checked so when the adoption became a reality...poof dee was medically pretty up to date...sometimes all the right things just come together in the universe like that.....yay gotch yerself a mighty fine home!

dave said he thinks molly`s mass is probably a mast cell tumor but it is also looks infected so he added baytril to her mix of meds and wants to see her in 10 days or so. she is feeling pretty good and back to her normal self so that is good.

misty got dropped off at the vets for blood work and a urinalysis..i will pick her up just before they close at 5pm so i have to put the barn guys to bed a bit early.

wilbur, our little pot belly pig that we had very briefly from 5 years ago... arrived back safe and sound today. i forgot what a lovely pig he was back then when i knew absolutely nothing about pigs at all. glad to have him home again and this time i will get to know him a lot better...he is not too upset, he seems to like the food here and all of the attention...he just would like out of his stall to explore a bit more. not yet wilbur..tomorrow you can check the place out!

laura did one fair sized group of touring folks today..i think it went pretty well.

i think i need a hot cup of tea before i put the barn guys to bed.



OMG I am happy dancing in the snow!!!! I am so happy for Dee Dee!!! A home of her own for Christmas, though she thought SAINTS was a pretty neat place to be.


That is very good news for dee is was such a sweet and fun dog--typical lab. I will miss her very much and am vbery happy she has such a great home!

Ann C

That's great news for Dee, so happy for her & her new family...bon voyage Dee I'll miss you (Labs are my favourites but don't tell the other dogs!).

Carol Ann

YAY for beautiful Dee. with some luck sweetie will be close behind. Carol i think she likes me -it didn't hurt that i had a can of food.


well i guess that was a stupid comment from your first line of course she has gone. good for her.


yeah for dee, has she gone already or will she still be there tomorrow when i come up. glad for her she is a lovely girl.