Rescue Journal

i just flushed my cell phone down the toilet...

Carol  ·  Dec. 7, 2010

it was an accidental cell phone death not an intentional cell phone murder. anyway...all of my phone numbers are in there so as folks run into me over the next couple of weeks..please take my new phone (when i get it) and add your numbers back in there for me...i don't know how to do it and i don't really want to learn how to do it either.

wilma is here and OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!!! i am totally and completely in love with her. she is a white yellow mid sized model lab who has recently suffered a massive amount of weight loss so she is all loose and squishy all over especially her lovely face. she is a TOTAL love bug...just rolls around for belly rubs and likes you to lay on the floor with her while she flaps her feet around.
she has a nasty long term ear infection, a bladder infection, enlarged lymph nodes, a mammary tumor, and her blood work showed some free floating mast cells too. she is totally blind, she is of course diabetic, she is currently incontinent, ...but she is not fully deaf...she can hear me when i speak to her...and she can walk if she has good gripping carpets under her. wilma is a pretty young, totally wrecked senior..i think she is not much more than 8. whoever had her before took really crappy care of her.

her 24 hour vet care bill was just over 900 bucks..ouch! this is why i like our vets so well...they are MUCH, MUCH kinder to us.

oh well her last home's loss is her big guys are totally going to love her too, she is going to be a wonderful saint!

for the other new ones...olivia is doing well..she is eating the specialty foods i am giving her so that is good. and she too is a lovely sweet creature. cliff dived into his food as soon as we brought him home...he is mr. lovely purring cat, he will be a great addition to the feline leukemia cat room.

misty is still feeling poorly but she is eating well too. she would like out of that cage but not til she is over her cat flu.
black bart has moved out into the computer room...he likes the red couch to lay shows off his black fur really well.

the ferrier was out so all of the horses had their regular hoof care done. todays timing was perfect (she comes every 8 weeks)....we are in between freezing spells..and i think the frozen ground hurts newly trimmed feet. i did not get out to see wilbur today but i will make a point of spending some time with him for sure tomorrow.

and except for the loss of my cell phone and my continuing cold.... all is well at saints tonight...and as an aside, sigh...everyone else is pooping exceedingly well..i swear since i got up this morning, it has pretty much been totally non stop.

my funny for the day is pixie. her bed is next to the cat box and she bitches non stop as the dogs try to sneak in to find some left over cat treats to really bugs little pixie..she does not like them using that litter box for a fast food walk thru, doggy treat disrupts her pixie beauty sleep.



you are not a nurse for god's sake. i can diagnose and prescribe for myself if i like...(and if i happen to have the appropriate drug.)


hey no self prescribing/diagnosing allowed! I swear I have heard you say that to me before.


yikes!!! no clinics! i have some biaxin here from my last bout with bronchitis/pneumonia (i never took it last time cuz it makes me sick)..i will start it tonight i promise...i cannot possibly stand going into and waiting around in a clinic when i feel like crap, especially when i already have the drugs i know they will prescribe!


I guess I cant call you tomorrow to tell if I am coming out tomorrow ...


do not go and buy a new cell phone you can have my old one for free and I have a car charger for you to use too you just have to get it hooked up with your carrier. I will bring it tomorrow if I come and if I come tomorrow I am going to kidnap you to the clinic ...


Well since the phone has been flushed I guess I don't have to try to get those numbers out of it.
Good job.