Rescue Journal

bads news all around.

Carol  ·  Dec. 8, 2010

cliff the new feline leukemia cat is much sicker than he looks. he is very badly anemic and his liver and kidney function suck, plus it looks like he might be diabetic on top of it all. the vet says he will not be with us for very long. she said once he becomes symptomatic..we can try a round of steriods to improve his quality of life for a brief period of time.

larry...not aspiration pneumonia, not cardiac guess from the xrays, his exam and his history looks like that mass that we removed from his neck when he came in last march ( a low grade hemangiosarcoma), is growing again. but this time it is growing inwards, not outwards and that is why he is having trouble breathing. this truly sucks. he is on antibiotics and in a few days the vet will try to hit the tumour hard with steriods but..larry is most likely palliative no matter what we do.

sweetie...hmmm tough one. her heart is grossly enlarged with a grade 4 murmur which makes her a very poor surgical risk. we cannot leave that ulcerated tumor on her foot because it hurts her. we can't take the entire foot because she is just far too old. soooo...i have booked her for a lumpectomy next wednesday....i might change my mind on this...i just am not sure.
the vet said it could heal and work out well for her..or it could be a disaster..depending on what kind of tumor it is.

aahhhh...this would be the sucking part of this kind of rescue...old and sick animals that you deeply care for who need you to make the right decisons for them.

as an aside...larry is VERY upset that he was left at the vets. he actually spent the whole ride home, trying to climb over the barrier to get in the front seat with me. you would probably have to know larry (and see how crippled he is) to understand how very important this was to him.
larry communicates clearly and directly without ever saying a single word.

i am pretty sure that what larry what stole my tally ho braveheart away. deja vu sucks big time too.



Emma, I'm sorry to hear about Jenny Two.
My thoughts are with you and your kids.
Take care.


oh emma..i am so sorry she is not well.... i hope she pulls that old stubborn cat out of the hat for you!


Ex Saint Jenny Two is very ill. If the next 24 hrs show no improvement she will be put to sleep tomorrow. Fingers, toes etc crossed for her. I'll be up every three hours doing pain meds.

Carol Ann

Geez its been a bad couple of days no matter where you look. I'm fighting for lola the lab. and now larry and sweetie have such problems. I still want sweetie if it is at all possible. and boy am I praying for our larry.. and cliff. this really sucks!

Colleen B

Well isn't that just one big, sucky post. My heart is breaking for Larry, because I do kind of know him and I know what he looks like when he's upset...I saw it at my house :( He is a tough little soldier and I really truly hope he beats this like he's beat everything else. Lots of love to all three of them.