Rescue Journal

this year's christmas carol....

Carol  ·  Dec. 10, 2010

jingle bells, my face smells
my mouth has rotten teeth,
i lost my home because my mom
went to a facility.

her family took me home
but i bite and sometimes pee
on the carpet and the floor
so they said bye to poor, old, me.

dashing to the wire
of my 2 small dog kennel
yelling out my ire
at losing my nice home.

gates and latches ring
the cement is cold and wet
i lost my home
and now i am too old
for anyone to get.

jingle bells
my life smells
it pretty much now sucks
carol came
and took me home
and laughed at my hair cut.

jingle bells
this place smells
of way too many dogs
oh what fun
it is not to sing
my homeless poodle song.

sigh....saints welcomes jingles...merry xmas honey....sorry.