Rescue Journal

i had a bunch of really happy moments today

Carol  ·  Dec. 11, 2010

2 of my favorites were sucking bonita's new family in and securing for her... pizza and oreo's tonight!
this is a dog's way to celebrate a new very great life!

and...big dingo-bat bambi was playing with me today..up til now she has been way too she relaxed and played the goofy, idiot dog with me for a while. that was fun!

oh..and there is enough left over treats and food here for another quicky lunch in the mp room tomorrow if sundays folks are interested...either that or i will have to try to eat that pumpkin and blue berry pie all by myself.



oh shit...sheila..i forgot to give you the samosa money for the bake sale..i just remembered you already paid the bake sale for them for me???


The blueberry pie was wonderful! Don't let that go to waste. Lynn, make sure you have some- You need to keep your strength up with all the responsibility of being "THE BOSS" - all in good fun!


don't forget about the samosas. i ate half of mine before i even got home. thanks sheila and leila.