Rescue Journal

i lied....

Carol  ·  Dec. 11, 2010

i told jingles she was going to be a computer room/kitchen dog...i said she was NOT going to be a bed buddy cuz i have more than enough of those.

jingles is in fact a bed buddy..there was no point in arguing with her.

i did have a decent nights sleep for a change...i think they are cluing in that i need a little bit more body space. they positioned themselves so they were still all close but they let my legs move a little and they stayed away from my chest and face so i could breath better so that was nice....jingles just took over one of my free pillows.

griffin is still pooping up a griffin storm...note too all volunteers...he is currently on gastro canned food..there is some in the cupboard but it is just for him.

also i have a vet run in mission first thing this morning with tina fey and olivia so i won't be back until just before 10 am.

and if anyone is looking for any barn feed (hen scratch might be empty...i forgot to check?) or cat litter..the back of the van is full and it is unlocked too. if no one needs any, just leave it alone and i will unload after i put the barn guys to bed tonight.

hope everyone has their thinking caps is the brain storm meeting!


Carol Ann

Sorry i don't take pictures but sweetie is a trooper.
she took over Harold's bed it looks like i just shrunk him lol. She examined every inch of the house and veranda within the first 10 minutes all with the crazy precious barking and yelping and bugging her. She did exactly the right thing --she ignored her. Then everyone ate and settled right down. I'm so glad she's here.