Rescue Journal

i am home for lunch...

Carol  ·  Dec. 13, 2010

one of my first questions...(after, how is everyone today?) was....
are they leaving my new tarp alone? is what the staff said...
"we were all out by the barn and we heard this really weird noise...kind of like a giant rriiiippppp...we all said, hey what is that???? and we looked over and saw ellie rip the tarp right in half."

damn! i should have put up that sign and read it to her cuz ellie does not read the blog... today she mistakenly thinks i just bought her a brand new giant blue tarp toy. pig princess's like to redecorate when out and about in the fields.

and it is not just ellie either...ziggy has been seen charging around the field dragging a chunk of tarp around and those bloody cows like to grab the tarp too and yank it around.

in any case, i just lost round two of the carol vs the barn guys in the ongoing who owns the freaking tarp war.

i am some how going to have to make it clear..that i own the god damn tarp!

however...being a realist here...i think that maybe pigs, cows and dying donkeys are not going to give up easily and let me win in this game.



I also saw those two playing (destroying) the white tarp.
I just snapped a couple of pictures.

Jenn Hine

haha sorry I saw Ziggy and emily playing with a tarp (white i thought it was) a few weeks ago and I thought it was cute!