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Carol  ·  Dec. 15, 2010

here is an update on max..he came from one of the pounds several years ago...up for euthanization because he was completely and totally emotionally and mentally destroyed. if i remember correctly..he was siezed from a family that had gotten him from another family but since getting him had kept him tied on a very short rope to a tree in the back yard.

here's max!

Hi Carol,

Been a long time since we talked, but I figured you would like an update on Max and myself. Well he is doing great, he loves to be around all the kids and people he meets in the neighborhood or when they come to visit. He is good with all the cats too, most of them won’t even move when he comes by because they know he won’t chase them.

He has been on a camping trip last summer down to Birch bay with myself and a group of friends including 2 young girls. I was a little worried with him about the border but he was a perfect little angel. Everyone we were with could not believe how well he was behaved. He did no barking even when all the other dogs in the camp ground were whooping it up. He got to go swimming which he just loved. He slept through the night in the tent with me no problem. He has I guess become quite attached to me and is my little shadow around the house and yard.

He loves to go for car rides and visit friends at their houses. Still working with his socializing but he is starting to get the idea. He walks on his leash well and off when we all go hiking up the hills out here.

He has made me finally made me decide to do my lifelong dream of working with dogs. In march I hope to be attending Canada West Canine Centre and become a Master dog Trainer. Waiting to hear back on my application in the next few weeks.

Attached is a beautiful picture my husband took when the two of them were out hiking the other day. And one of him at the beach with the girls when he was camping. (sorry the second one is so small ) Hope you like them.

Talk to you later,

Naomi and Max.


(good lord..i forgot how stunningly beautiful he was!)



oh; my i had not thought about max for a long time he is beautiful and i so remember all the work and time you invested in him and it sure looks like it has paid off. thanks for sharing.

Ann C

Another great happy ending SAINTS story, Max looks like a very handsome dog.