Animal Updates

on a clear day, you can see forever....

Carol  ·  Dec. 16, 2010

sadly, the older i get the foggier becomes the view.

twice last night i had to go into phoebe's closet to fix her bed because she had in her getting her bed just right... dug the blankets right off the chair. the first time she was fine..happy i came to help. the second time, she told me to piss off.

this was a problem for me because she was digging into the empty chair trying to make her comfy blankets get back up there... and i did not want her digging a hole in her chair.
so i told her to get out and held the door open wide...she said no and don't you dare come in here either.
i said... look it missy.....move your butt and i will fix it up for you...
phoebe said no.... thank you... but her teeth were gritted and showing when she got to the.... thank you!

deep sigh as i held my temper...barely... and put the "you better obey me" in my voice...PHOEBE!...GET THE HELL OUT NOW.

fine! says she and she moves out of my way. i fixed her chair back up with one nice blanket to lay on and one nice blanket to cover her up..i called her back in and she hopped up and got covered up which is what she wanted all along.... she just couldn't cooperate to get it done.

she then slept quietly all night long. this morning she asked to come out and she is now on the couch, looking at me and shivering and wanting me to cover her up. if i cover her up, she will attack anyone who walks on by.
sorry phebers but no blankets for you anywhere except in your chair so all the rest of us can see you before a biting blanket leaps up in the air.

i have been thinking about the phoebe closet for quite a long time (it was the only free space around here)...i just could not see how to actually shut her in a closet and have it feel ok. you know the really want to do something but you are a little afraid.

i don't know what i was thinking..that closet is so much nicer and more comfortable for her than any socially acceptable dog crate.

to me (and phoebe)...a crate is a cage, somewhere to stick her so she doesn't drive me insane and get into trouble again...but with a little bit of decoration and thoughtful comfort added..a closet can become a safe and private little home...and sometimes everyone (esp. a highly reactive phoebe) needs a special and nice little home of their own.

hey mikey! she likes it!


but even tho it is her new place...i still get to come in whenever i want...cuz... she only borrows...
i actually own that spot.

anyway..i probably shouldn't keep calling it a how about....

phoebe's palace? (it is nice but not exactly a palace..she is sleeping with a hot water tank and an electrical panel for goodness sakes)
the bad dog house?
the bitchy bedroom?
hmmm...the hag house???

any ideas out there for a new name for phoebe's closet?

How about Pheobe's Prison? Poor me ...



ok...the zen den it is..thx sharon! does someone want to make her a zen den sign for her door?


I like "Phoebe's Zen Den".

She's probably loving a place to chill out where the other animals can't disturb her.


Phoebes CCR room (crazy canine room) also makes me think of "I see the bad moon a rising, I see trouble on the way"


I vote for Phoebes Zen Den... and I really think this is actually a great solution, she can still be where alot of the action happens .. but is not square in the middle of it.. which I think is what can trigger the hag living inside . I also believe in how we create our own destiny & perhaps by calling it a Zen Den... she will Chill out .. like that Feng Shei theory.