Rescue Journal

so that is a total drag....

Carol  ·  Dec. 16, 2010

i just finished with maybe..she does not have an eye infection...that is not goop covering her good light..her eye is actually very is her eye itself protruding thru the cornea...ahhhh maybe, shit!

i called the vet...maybe does not appear to be in any pain...she just wolfed down her dinner with the meds the vet said to give and she is her normal self..trucking around, doing her own thing, yelling at prince to get off the bed that she wants...she was fine in her bath..she doesn't appear the least bit upset at all.

this is just too freaking weird...this ought to be really distressing her.

anyway..i will drop her off at the clinic tomorrow to have her eye removed...i hope it is not a tumour that came up that fast cuz that would be really bad news for her.


Carol Ann

wow these little dogs are amazing--the things they can endure. Sweetie is trying to put a little weight on that foot tonight. She is eating well and resting a lot. She hobbles to the back door to do her business. No messes from this little LADY.