Rescue Journal

just a quickie because i am going out tonight...

Carol  ·  Dec. 19, 2010

marion is taking me to see the canadian tenors at the orpheum tonight.

thank you laura for putting the barn guys to bed.
lot's of visitors thru today for the tours...everyone had a great time, visitors and animals alike.

tina-fey is going home with one of our volunteers on xmas eve...hootie, sydney, and maybe even forrest may have a home for the holidays too.

lots of people are fallling in love with wilma so maybe she too will find herself a new home.

we lost betty rubble today...(one of the brown betty bunnies)...while most of our other rabbits are dying from old age..i am pretty sure the brown betty's are dying from cardiac disease. we did get her into the vets but she died before the vet had a chance to look at her. i have asked for a post mortem since this is the 2nd betty to die in the last few months. i think they are dying because they are meat bunnies and they just get too large for their hearts to handle. the symptoms they display just before death are consistent with heart disease...but i want to know for sure.

there are 2 betty's left...they are about 10 months old and probably weigh close to 20 pounds now....i think they have grown much too fast and big...just like good meat bunnies are supposed to grow.

rest in peace betty rubble...betty boop and betty white are going to miss their very good sister and friend.



Aww Brenda, no thank you!! I had a great day and we certainly had our work cut out for us haha :) Merry Christmas!!


With another Betty gone, suddenly that pen doesn't look so small, but rather its starting to look empty.


Thankyou to Zoe for coming in today - You did a great job helping me in the house! Merry Christmas to everyone - I am working thru Xmas so can't come to SAINTS - but I will be there the following weekend (New Year's weekend) on Sunday as usual. So happy to hear of the little ones at SAINTS who may be getting a home for the holidays.