Rescue Journal

wow...what a day.

Carol  ·  Dec. 20, 2010

the electrician is still here trying to finally finish up around here...the MP room now has electric heat as does the hideaway suite. the feed shed now has electricity including a plug and a heat lamp for both light and a bit of heat. he is currently in my bedroom surrounded by a bunch of bed buddies waiting for the wall heater to be wired and installed and then more plug in, fire hazard electric portable heaters...yay!

we had a group of corporate volunteer employees here today...they helped to tidy up the shop and fixed a few things and build a new hay feeder trough for our goat pen...they just left too and were trying to finish up in the dark with flashlights. ellie is totally pissed right off...she HATES power tools being used outside her REALLY makes her upset.

it is a great little feed wasn't til everyone was done and i was closing up for the night that i noticed they put the side board on with her window open so now it won't close. ooops...i better get someone to cut that board down for us cuz poor not so little pissed off ellie is now going to have a draft at night and be cold!

dionne had her first full day here...she is our new staff person in charge of the barns. it was very long and heavy day for her...i told her it gets a little bit easier and quicker once she gets her routine that works...i helped at bedtime and feeding but it was a bit of a gong show cuz the guys were still working and the animals could not go where they are used to going at feeding and bedtime. pete was our on site saints supervisor..he stayed with the volunteers every step of the way until they were done.

mandy and wilma had vet appointments...wilma's blood sugars are STILL way too high so tonight we do a whopping dose increase which always make me very nervous the first few times. mandy's heart is about the same but she is accumulating fluid in her lungs now so she is starting on regular lasix dosing with her foretkor and she had some blood work sent off too.

i gave a tour to the coordinators of a group of foreign exchange volunteer students who will be joining us for a few months in the new year...oh and tomorrow is douglas college vet assistant student day..i guess i better think of some things for them to do too.

hootie and syndey's possible new home is a no go...but forrest is a for sure...i think tomorrow his folks will be out to do the paper work so at least forrest and tina-fey will each have a new home for xmas this year.... small yay!...four dogs with new homes would have been a BIG YAY!



i hope it went ok carol anne and my deepest condolences to you and dionne for your loss.


we have had spectra energy, telus and now erinssen.....they have always done whatever we needed help with.....from painting to building tidying the shop and hauling gravel around to picking up manure from the fields. i usually have 2 or 3 things each time so there is something for everyone to do...cuz not everyone can use tools.


Which employee group(s) do you get to come out and work....all the groups who come to visit us or ask what we need help with are not interested in doing work stuff or building anything - it seems they all just want to do fun kind of projects (which we don't have).
We are always told that what we offer wouldn't be of helping to put up a plastic shed or work related type things.
Very frustrating.....


so sorry carol ann, hard when someone you love passes on but your love was there. i thought wilmas new name was sugar, cause she sure is sweet as sugar.

Carol Ann

Jenn thanks for the weekend off. I spent a lot of time with sugar my 15 yr old goat. She passed on today to warm goat heaven. Sad but it was her time. The other two are making a lot of noise but they will settle down in a day or two. :(