Rescue Journal

the older i get...

Carol  ·  Dec. 22, 2010

the earlier 5 am gets...yikes...early shifts pretty much suck esp. when you had to get up every couple of hours cuz somewhere around here...someone wanted something when they should have been sleeping.

oh well...animals do have their own kind of clock.

click, click, clicketty click...that is the sound pretty much constantly right at my feet with molly following me all around. the steriods have done a great job in shrinking her great in fact that once again i am forgetting that she is close to 20 and her cancer is just waiting to pop up again and take her away from me. she is an amazing dog.

the one good thing about me being so sick this month was the amount of time i got to spend at home...with molly and maudie swinging back and forth on the end of life thread, it was nice to be able to hang out with them a little bit more.

and while i so appreciate feeling much i don't get to hang out at home anymore.

early retirement is starting to look pretty damn appealing to me now....too bad i can't afford it.

while dogs like to still be sleeping at 6 am...the cats are starting to get active. i think dogs actually do like to slow down a little bit their retirement years but cats just keep going til it is all over. i think it is because cats have like 20 naps every day and this is why when they hit 20 they still have lots of energy to spare.

i wish i could nap a little bit more.



I always joke that when my cat wakes up, he says, "Yawn...well, time to face my two hours awake...better make the best of it."


I was just checking on the Shelter Challenge and it says that SAINTS won a $1000? The last time I voted, Saints was in 4th and only top 3 win the $, so I hope I am reading correctly :) Let us know for sure! Congrats!


For Carol and anyone else who likes cat cartoons

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