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the problem with crises is...

Carol  ·  Dec. 22, 2010

they put everyone into a panic and solutions sometimes have to be found right away. i really hate it when saints is the crises solution cuz it means i have to make decisions based on what i am hearing and trying to fill in the gaps while considering the time line involved.

so todays crises is a 4 or 5 year old rotti named molly. her mom got sick. molly has been tied up in the back yard on a rope and has not been eating well cuz there was no money for food since her mom went into the hospital. apparently she has just been fed some table scraps here and there and has lost a significant amount of weight. her mom's sister rushed down from up north to see her sister and was unhappily surprised by the poor condition and unsatisfactory living circumstances of her sister's well loved dog. her sister has asked her to please find a good home for molly...but she is leaving for up north again tomorrow....not a lot of time to find a good home.

i am told this is a lovely dog...good with other dogs, people and cats. i will fire off an email to rotti rescue but i doubt they have an available foster home this close to xmas. and of course if i take her in here...i am going to get attached and feel responsible and want to see her thru til that good home is found. and since 4 or 5 year old dogs without health or behavioral issues really do not meet our mandate..i should not let her in here at all.

but i feel sorry for this dog left hungry and alone on a rope in the backyard for no other reason then her caregiver became ill. life sucks all around for both molly and her mom right now so i guess on my lunch break tomorrow, before her aunty leaves town i better go over and see her.

how much do you wanna bet that i end up bringing her home?

keep your fingers crossed that rotti rescue has a foster home!



shit happens in all kinds of lives sometimes thru no ones unexpected life threatening illness.....people and animals can and do suffer when life suddenly turns upside down. this family is trying to right itself from being turned upside down and are struggling to right molly's upside down life as well.

and thx to rotti is greatly appreciated.


If it comes down to the wire I know you will do what is best (and bring her home!) No doubt an easy dog to adopt out from the sounds of it and worthy of a generous SAINTS donation fee. (Because SAINTS deserves it.)

Sickened to hear her tethered and starving outside.. Just too freaking sad.

Linda de J.

This is a very disturbing story, Carol. I have all kinds of questions that I dare not ask but surely the surrounding community was witness to the neglect of this dog.

Rottie Rescue

hey carol. I answered your pm on brindle. We can help sort of LOL


I will send you a pm as I had an email today for someone looking for 2 large breed dogs....rotti, dane etc & female
I will send you the particulars so pls feel free to email them.