Rescue Journal

Carol  ·  Dec. 23, 2010

jelly and molly 2 are cool..i can comfortably let them in and out together..this was important cuz jelly was between molly and the front door. next i should work on perdy and molly cuz molly is between perdy and the door to outside too.

it is just that perdy can be such a dunder head about new dogs and she forgets she is crippled too so if she acts like a twit and pisses someone off...esp. a 4 year old not crippled rotti...she could get into a fair amount of trouble. i would really like to avoid the whole freaking out thing and pulling a 70 pound dog off of her if possible. this would be when an extra pair of hands would come in handy.

somedays i so wish i was an octopus.

man... with 8 arms i could kick ass around here by grabbing 8 dogs all at the very same time if i actually ever had to.

i would be a super duper octo-arm rescuer to be reckoned with...then they would watch their canine P's and Q's!

plus instead of me getting suctioned cupped by them all the time..i could use my little sucker things for sucking them up when they are much better, more shock and awe inspiring that just a pissed off and pointing finger.

schlurrppp...gottcha you little bastard!

i swear to god i have the very best fantasy's...but now back to business...i better go and see if i can get perdy and molly to get along so perdy can get out to pee when she needs.