Rescue Journal

so molly 2 is here.

Carol  ·  Dec. 23, 2010

nice dog...a bit overwhelmed by the sudden change in her living arrangements. i already had one inquiry about her but the family was looking for a dog that would spend a fair amount of time outside and since molly just got inside..i think she might want to stay in as much as she can.

she likes the fridge...she likes to stick her head in...i don't think she is enjoying the cool air as much as she is the tempting food in there. i just let her out for a pee but she wouldn't stay out...just turned around and came back in.
sigh..outside dogs are always so worried that they won't get back in so they figure they better just stay in and not take any unnecessary chances with the door closing them out again.

i would like her to lay down and rest tho...she has been on her feet since she got here. i figure sooner or later she is going to have to lay down and rest a bit..i just wonder how long it will take her.

i haven't decided if i trust her with the other animals yet...if she runs into a bossy hag, (and we have a few of those around here from the primo hag of all..phoebe.... to the moderate haggy one...suzie...right down to the bossy little hagget...daphne)...anyway.. i am not sure how she will react cuz she probably has had little or no contact with hags before. so we are keeping her in the kitchen alone and one of us is sticking close..i got renee to stay here tonight til i got home from work. it will take me some time to figure miss molly out so i would rather be safe then sorry.

oh yay! she is laying down! that only took about 5 hours!!!

rotti rescue may have a spot for her in the new year and jan has offered her a rescue spot up in 100 mile the mean time until she goes somewhere...she will get lot's of exposure to many different things here. expanding ones world is almost always a good thing.

i will see if jenn can post some of the pictures we got of her as soon as she arrived today.


Carol Ann

Good for you Carol, I knew you would take her home. :) Merry Christmas to Molly 2 and welcome. You now have a huge family.