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bed thoughts

Carol  ·  Dec. 26, 2010

great job everyone..the house still feels, looks and smells great! i have not yet been out to the other areas but i am sure they are great too...thx laura for putting the barn crew to bed tonight. i thought i might get home to help you but you were too fast for me!

i noticed today that ellie has the most perfect ears with her soft feather like fringe that curls over the edges....they really are truly beautiful. it actually is quite disgusting that they dry them out and sell them for dogs to chew on. we get them donated from time to time and even tho it wierds me out, i do let the dogs have them once in a while. i won't buy them, and i wish they were not for sale is like those gorilla hand ashtrays folks used to buy....too up close and personal....too obviously a body part and whenever i see them i do think of ellie's wonderful ears.

molly2 is kind of mixed up in the peeing department...outside for 15 minutes with the other dogs when i get home..and then 15 minutes after she is let back in, she pees on the floor. hmmm...i was envisioning it a bit differently.

she had her first barn day today and did pretty well. the barn folks sent her back in after an hour or so because she was starting to get a bit wound up. too many dogs running here and there...she couldn't keep track of them all and she was starting to chase them around to keep up with whatever they were excitedly was getting to be too much for her.... just like an under socialized, over stimulated kid at his first real birthday party.

she has the makings of a really great dog...she just needs some time to get used to it all. i pretty much fully trust her in the house now with both cats and dogs (altho she is still in the kitchen when i am not home.)

she just needs someone around to keep the lid on things while she figures it all out. i am quite good at lidding the busy little and excited buggers..."HEY! KNOCK IT OFF AND GO LIE DOWN NOW!!!"

there is always a bit of chaos when i get home til i get all of the areas out to pee and clean up the floors. once that is done tho, everyone settles in nicely...i putter around doing my various things and they all sleepily watch me.

except....tonight i am changing my bed and those little bed buggers will start rolling and digging around and making it twice as hard as it should be. i have no idea why they think bed changing is so much fun...i think it is one of my least favorite chores....probably because i get all out of breath and tired from wrestling the linens around and then i still have to carry out the huge pile of bedding and wash it all.

they should lay on the floor and just sleepily watch me do that..i bet if they did... it wouldn't be quite so bad. one day jenn will have to get a video of bed making around here...i can actually make that bed with 10 or 12 bodies trying in their very own way to help me....but even tho i actually can do it...i don't like doing it all that much.

yeah, well i guess i better quit thinking about doing it and get off my butt and really go do it cuz i am tired tonight and want to go to bed early in a nice and freshly made bed....such small things (that take a great deal of effort) are such very good things.

note to all rescuers out there who sleep with a lot of not make the mistake of getting a bigger bed...keep your bed easy to care for by keeping it small!

big workload ripples do occur in the rescuers bigger bed pond.


Yvette~Turtle Gardens

I have a single bed with lots of bed buddies including a 103.4 pound bullmastiff who is sure he is a chihuahua! He even has the squeaky bark! Smaller sometimes is better as long as it has super soft covers! Merry Christmas from the frozen north!

Lance Richards

Hi Everyone at Saints. I am the husband to the sister of Molly 2's Mom & I would like to say thanks a lot for helping out with Molly. She is a fantastic dog. She just needs a little exercise & training to become a great house pet. I have had lots of playtime with Molly when we were down there from Fort St John visiting. She loves the attention & companionship of humans. If you don't already know, she also loves to play with soccer or basketballs. She will play anyone out of breath. I loved that girl & would have rescued her myself, but we were in a bad motorcycle accident & are still undergoing more surgeries, healing & rehabilitation. I just wouldn't be able to look after her at this time & I feel terrible about it. She is a great dog & some family would be lucky to have her. And just to let you know, Molly 2 Is a lot closer to 6 years old then 4. Good luck with her & thanks again for being her Guardian angel. Take care always & have a Happy New Year all.
Molly 2's uncle Lance.


of course i want to relive christmas seizure watch, i will post about it tonight. i am currently making her a new bandana out of guinness fabric.

Carol bout an update of the trials and tribulations of being jenny and nicole in the past couple of weeks!


more photos jenn, please. (lil big bud!!)
it will still be a bit until i'm able to make it out to saints and i am missing everyone.


Friday when I was trying to put a clean cover on the couch in the FeLV cats room I must have removed Cliff a dozen times. He kept boinging up as fast as I removed him. Again only one critter but it makes the job challenging (and entertaining). Don't know how old Cliff is but he act like an overgrown kitten.


I have a hard time making my bed with ONE little guy attempting to 'help'!