Rescue Journal

this boxing day updates

Carol  ·  Dec. 26, 2010

yesterday was a day of all of my favoite things...nursing, saints and my family...can't get better than that!

annabelle has grown so big!!!! it has been more than a month since i have seen her...that was the worst part of being sick.

the animals had a great christmas...bunny brought them tim bits and lynne bought them all pizza.

i am getting quite worried about mandy now...the recent cardiac med adjustments are not clearing her chest and i am afraid she is slipping into cardiac failure. she has a vet appointment on tuesday for a recheck and we'll see what the vet says then. mandy is 17 now, her little heart has a lot of miles on it....eventually it is going to wear out....but hopefully, not yet.

cali is a bit better, she was slowing down late last week but is out and about again. her basal cell cancer on her chest is growing tho and she has a vet check on monday.

i think i am going to get molly2's bloodwork checked...she is peeing and drinking a lot still. because she is a new dog it could be just anxiety but i don't want to risk missing something physical like cushings or diabetes or early kidney disease.

i got a quick update on forrest this morning...he is doing great in his new home and they just love him to pieces...he has already accumulated 3 new beds and 10 tennis balls and has only been there for about a week!

one more shift then 2 days off and the last push til after the new year....this has and will continue to be a very busy christmas season for me. first set of holidays are already booked for the second week in is only a week, but thats ok cuz by then i am really going to need it.
ok...i better get ready for work.