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Carol  ·  Dec. 29, 2010

so once my bad mood settled..i do have to admit that it was breathtakingly beautiful up here this morning...six inches of brand new snow. all of the tree branches were laden with snow and driving up stave lake road was like driving along some christmas card was pretty incredible to look at once i was over the scrooge mood.

sick call today....luckily laura came and helped me do up the mp building before i left for work....i just knew those rabbits would be too much for my back to handle.

temporary new foster dog in...her name is honey and she is in the bird holding pen. new diabetic who needs stabilizing...sweet little dog who is not making it over to the house because i am hoping she will only be here for a week or so. once her blood sugars are under control she can go back to her other home. she is not all that thrilled with me or my plan for her care but i am refusing to acknowledge this...i see no need to suck up to her and make room on my bed since she is not staying here. plus..i have a very good feeling that she will try to bolt her little unhappy ass right out of here so she is safer off in a pen with a locking door for now. she is a cute little bugger tho....i put on "Miss Cogeniality" on the big screen TV to keep her company so she doesn't feel totally bereft and alone.

the dryer guy came and fixed the dryer...YAY!!!! i had to move perdy out into the kitchen wjhile he was working and larry, squirt and little mandy were in there too so i hung around to make sure that perdy did not hurt them. mandy is so freaking cute,,,she just does not care that perdy could and probably would pop out her eye. she was going to sit right next to my feet and stare up at me with her sweet little head tilt and her beautiful eyes. god she is cute!

and perdy did try to take a snap at her but i was right there and she got into big trouble so she decided she better be good.

i spoke to rotti rescue today..they have MAYBE a potential home for molly2...we will see. i did ask for saints to be given the right of first option should she ever run into trouble down the road sometime...and they were happy to agree. several years ago i took in three young demodex pitbulls from the pound that were up for euth. i took them in and started their treatments with the understanding that once the breed rescue had room they would take them on and move them. several weeks down the road, they were considering euth'ing one of them which i did not think needed euth'ing and i wanted her back. they did not want to send her back because they felt she was a poor breed ambassador due to her shyness and saints had too many visitors who might have met her and may have had negative pitbull biases reinforced.

whatever..different rescues believe in different things...and i totally get and respect this. BUT any dog that i have had in my home and i am willing to take back..i think deserves that option instead of euthanization. in the end she was not euthanized..i believe her foster family eventually adopted her so it turned out ok in the end.

but it was a lesson for me to learn...if i am going to take on temporary dogs and turn them over to other rescues..i want saints safety net for them in place because i will always feel responsible for them and i want the ability to follow thru with that responsibility if they need. besides we are set up to deal with dogs with varying maybe not being adoptable for whatever reason may appear down the road.

of course this was exactly how i ended up with phoebe, the red whirling closet dwelling maybe it isn;t such a great idea some of the time. but i do think i am pretty safe with this molly...she is a very good dog!
still it makes me feel better knowing we are all on the same page here...and for the rescues we work with, knowing if push came to shove, we would not leave them holding the bag alone on an unexpectedly problematic for whatever reason dog... it might be a bit of security for the rescues. we do need help with the occasional younger/healthier ones we do sometimes get one in their right mind (unless they are dyslexic and can't read our website) comes to saints looking for young, healthy dogs of any breed.

anyway...we shall see what the new year brings for miss rotti molly, i am very grateful to rotti rescue for their willingness to help her!