Rescue Journal

six vet runs today...

Carol  ·  Dec. 30, 2010

we took in first thing this morning....maybe and molly2 and alf and hilda and jingle-bells. maybe had her sutures out and molly had her checkup and bloodwork and we brought them both home right away. i did up the diabetics and noticed little honey's pen was full of bloody vomit and bloody poop so i rushed her back down right away. i brought hilda and jingles back with me..they both had their pre-op bloodwork..jingles for a massive dental and hilda for a dental, mammary tumor removal and an entropian eye surgery. the clinic just called and both alf and honey are ready for pick up...i am assuming they both had bloodwork too and honey is probably coming home with antibiotics and gastric meds to hold her til her blood work results comes back.
webster goes in this afternoon to check his thyroid levels...and cali is cleared by her bloodwork for her basal cell cancer removal attempt so she is booked in for her surgery next week. keep your fingers crossed for her!

gee and i still have to go to work this afternoon and look after sick people...apparently it is one of those sicko days.

but hey...the snow is still beautiful up here today....whatever that means to anything connected with my freaking life...but i did notice in my comings and goings that it is pretty out there so i guess that is kind of nice.

please keep voting in the pepsi challenge for us if you can...these vet bills are adding up into a truly monsterous affair.


Amy M

All my votes are in for today. Sure looking mighty fine for SAINTS this time around. Whoot!