Rescue Journal

on this very last day of the year...

Carol  ·  Dec. 31, 2010

i should be recalling all of the good things we experienced during the last 12 months. instead i am slightly stunned that yet another whole year has slipped by in the blink of an eye! huh?? where the hell did the last year go anyway???
phoebe slept in until just after nine am this morning and then literally exploded out of her room and started creating chaos everywhere. so here i am on the last day of the year anticipating another year soon to start with living with phoebe all over again.


one more afternoon shift then i switch back down to day shifts tomorrow..short shifting is always a great way to start any new year.

one new dog to come in...he has been on our possible, last resort list since november and made it up to the incoming list just before xmas. he is an old husky cross up north in an animal control shelter...we are just waiting for him to fly down, probably early in the new year. i don't know much about him except he is old with a growth on his nose and he was found loose on the highway. i probably should have asked what they named him but i forgot. anyway..i guess i will find out soon enough.

i sent emails back on both of those dogs...the biter and the one where the family has no time. i am pretty sure neither one said what they wanted to hear, sometimes reality sucks. oh well maybe they will find their perfect scenario..just hope it is as perfect for the dog as it is for the folks.

i think pretty much the only thing that is going to make me feel good about rescue today is winning the pepsi challenge cuz at least then all of the vet bills from this year are finally paid.

so while i wish you all a very happy new year...for us, i just see more of the same...a never ending line up of animals trying to get in...a really suckingly poor door(wo)man letting too many in....another 50 or 60 thousand dollars in vet bills ka-chinking away and a few hundred hassles and pain in the ass days coming our way.

don't get me wrong here...i am not terribly unhappy or dreading what is to come..i am just feeling sort of resigned to the continued challenges of it all.

you gotta love is just like the blending of year into year into is the VERY long story without THE END.

every day is a beginning, there are no endings i guess.



Just got up from the couch where I was sitting surrounded by Moochie (once a scrawny little orange stray found by Mo), Sunny and Halfpint (their pregnant mother gave birth at the Buster Brown Care Group), Hardcase (neighbourhood top honcho semi-feral tom whom I live trapped and had neutered - no more swimming in the gene pool for you, kiddo), Al E. Cat (neighbour cat whose folks moved to coyote country in 100 Mile House)and formerly aggresive Saint MillieMimsyMimi. Is it easy? No. A pension stretches to food and kitty litter. Even moderate vet bills floor you. Do I regret it? No. What option do these guys have? Mooch and Al are quite affectionate but none of this crew is purr purr greet you at the door Disney cute. More like run screaming to hide under the bed or pee in the visitor's shoes. So in 2011 we can only keep soldiering on (and hope sometime in the future animals won't find themselves in these situations). This is my new year's rant.


Happy New Year back at you all. Hope everyone has lots of good fortune and health in the coming year.

Carol Ann

Ditto on all that Ann I just wish i had discovered saints a few years ago. It's only been 2 1/2 months for us and dionne got a job she loves close to home and I've made new friends. and best of all I have Harold and Sweetie filling my life with love and hope. AND CAROL is an inspiration every day. Thank you all and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR TO US ALL !

Ann C

Happy New Year everyone, as a realtive newby to SAINTS I would like to say thanks, I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year, all the new people I've worked with who I can now call friends, of course the animals whose names I'm STILL learning, Jenn for those heart warming photos and especially Carol for her witty writings which always make me smile and for having an extra large heart with room for so many....Thank You All.