Rescue Journal

it is kind of nice to see....

Carol  ·  Jan. 3, 2011

the 2fers doing so well.

molly2 stretched out on an afgan in front of the fire. that dog is totally out for the count, she is completely relaxed, she is safe and at home and...she is shiny now. the overhead light is gleaming off of her coat and i had to give her a new collar cuz her old one doesn't fit her anymore.

and what has it taken on our part? not a whole heck of alot...we brought her indoors, we gave her plenty of good food and good company and we have stroked her fur so much that she is shiny and soft.

when we picked her up, jenn was with me. she said it was wierd that jelly who is 8 yrs old, and has cancer seemed so much less frail and more healthy than molly.
the actual difference?

jelly was happy in herself and molly was not...but today molly has figured it out and her looks have totally changed.
she is one freaking happy, healthy and glowing dog...i can't even imagine how good she will look when she finally gets into a really great home.

and then there is said to me today, she is noticing a big difference in big bambi. she is slimming down, her coat is softer and healthier and she even has a soft glow about her too. but the real difference that mo noticed was bambi was playing with her. she said another couple of weeks and bambi2 is going to be a regular barn guy at saints.

and what have we done for our dingo-bat? again, not a heck of a lot. we regulated her thyroid with a little pill twice a day. we take her for field runs which she absolutely loves. she starts screaming at me every weekday morning at about 8:30 am...she knows the run is coming soon and she wants to get moving on it right away. once she gets that out of her system then she is more then content to lay on her bed and wait for the food and the meds to start making their rounds...her 3 most favorite things in the whole wide world are...field runs, canned food and meds and getting her big butt rubbed.

i think in another couple of months...bambi might actually lose her famous bambi bootie...then she will look like a real and sleek dingo dog instead of a cartoon character of a fat one. but it is emotionally that i see the biggest difference in her...she is calming down, she is chilling out...she is developing a pretty good sense of humor.

some of this is just making the adjustment to here, but most of it is from regulating her thyroid because the thyroid when out of whack, messes up the entire dog..inside and out...physically, emotionally and mentally too.

never underestimate the insideous effects on all parts of a life that a whacked out thyroid gland can do.

anyway....tonight, i am content about both of these two....for both of might not be perfect but it is still pretty darn good.

really...rescue is so utterly simple...good food, good medical care, a decent roof over their heads and some comfy, clean and warm and dry beds...add a little bit of kindness, talk to them a bit, touch them gently whenever they ask for it...and poof..they feel rescued.

really? how freaking hard is that?

when mo and i were talking today..i said i noticed something really weird about time because honestly..this past year did disappear in the blink of my eye. and so has every single year before..we start a new one before we even felt like we were halfway thru the old just feels totally odd.
BUT...when i look back on saints...right back to the very beginning...which was really only 6 short years seems like it was actually many, many lifetimes ago.

and it was...there are literally hundreds of lives between then and now. some amazing lives that we lived with and thru...lexie, bill, wilbur, tyra, tally, cole, abraham, clyde, copper, jazz, her daughter, jesse1, jesse2 the mp building queen, jesse3 the biting machine, marilla, clover and maple..peace and quiet too...jewel, the queen of the nile (which was really just our pond!) pops, jacob, boo, ogidie, francis, raymond, tula, baby jack, jennette, tiny todd, kodi and max the crazy cattle dogs, sparkles, spritely and petunia the queen of the barn....and hundreds of others who deeply affected our lives.

that is why time seems so odd to me...i just realized, we have 2 sets of time...the one of daily life that just seems to slip by and time that was someone's life that we loved and shared together.

time with loved ones stacks up together and stretches onwards forever. that is the best kind of time and it doesn't disappear in the blink of an eye.

our other kind of time, filled with simple lives... like the current 2fers...molly2 and bambi2....and that kind of time has it's own neverending story line.....filled full to overflowing with simple life and love.



i also noticed that big bambi is getting more and more comfortable. it used to be hard to get her to go outside let alone stay at the barn for any length of time but the last little while she has been hanging out for longer periods of time. good to see. i am so sorry about jelly. hopefully her cancer will not come back anytime too soon. cancer seems to take away an awful lot of life we love, both human and animals. molly 2 sure is a sweetie and now just full of energy and the getting on with living and loving it. i will not be able to make it out next sun jenn. we are going through the final stages of my sisters apartment and getting it cleaned out and have movers coming etc hope someone can fill in for me. see you all on saturday.


That made me think about my past timers: Cinder, Kibble, Molson, Jenny Two and my current gang Nudge, Toad, Hercules, Thomas and Pully. Time can make a difference in the right home. Pully no longer spends all her time living on the balcony afraid to come in. Thomas has been brought back from near death. Toads aggression has disappeared..................All of them were surrendered for medical or behavior problems and yet here they are no trouble at all. Wonder what this year will bring in my home. Hopefully weight loss for Nudge! Hercules hole in the heart and airway obstruction cannot be fixed but by God that kitten is having a good time while he's alive.


Lovely post, Carol...

I too noticed a big difference in Bambi2. She looks comfortable and at home. And her butt wasn't as squishy when I scratched it.