Rescue Journal

it is the 5 o'clock news hour at saints!

Carol  ·  Jan. 3, 2011

the autopsy results are back on betty boop...not much to tell..her heart and lungs looked did all of her major organs. the vet said there appeared to be a slight possible infection at the base of her throat but it wasn't that huge of a thing. i will get them to send off that tissue for pathology and see what it has to say but right now the cause of death is still pretty uncertain...we might get answers with further testing or we might not.
these brown betty rabbits are a puzzle for sure.

unofficially, we did finish first in the pepsi challenge BUT we still have to meet their granting criteria and engage in some paperwork before it becomes a reality. not sure what the upcoming process entails but will let you know if and when we successfully complete all the steps. our vets have very kindly given us some extra time to get thru this before we have to pay off our bills.

bev and her friend from rotti rescue, came out to meet miss molly 2. it was nice seeing bev again cuz i haven't seen her for a couple of years. can't say the visit was saints at it's most stellar...first thing we saw as we headed in from the barns was molly going after jesse's tail.....he was pissing her off (cuz he was being a dick-head) and it was the first available thing on him that she could actually grab...she let go when i told her to so that was a good thing at least.

later while she was snuggling with our guests, she got a bit over stimulated and started growling and escalating into barking. she calmed down when i made her come sit with me. and finally when renee and ryan took them for their afternoon field run, molly2 and bambi2 got into a small scrap. bambi has a tooth mark on her leg and molly has a tooth mark on her ear...oh yay...way to impress folks with your not so saintly behavior you guys..altho no one actually died so that was good.

both of the dogs came back into the house like nothing had happened and everything was just jolly well fine. i wouldn't have clued in either cuz the staff were patiently (and very professionally) waiting to tell me after our visitors left (it was a good try you guys!) except i blew the plan when i saw bambi licking her leg and started asking why.

oh well, my philosophy is this...dogs who live together will get into scraps sometimes just like people do.
BUT..i am starting to wonder if the honeymoon period is over with molly and we will soon be into a new reality with is inevitable and we will work it thru, we always do but i am not writing any more nice dog posts for awhile about either of you two!

i picked daphne up this afternoon from maple ridge and her play day with jenn..they both looked pretty tired but jenn says she is feeling a tiny bit better so that too is good.

one unexpected vet visit today...cliff had a swollen shut eye. helga dropped him off for me this morning and i picked him up this afternoon. apparently he has a claw puncture in his eye lid so i am assuming that brianne, the sometimes little witch, had whacked him in the past day or two.

knock it off brianne..he is a way nicer cat than you!

i had lunch with sheila and leila which i always really enjoy...good people, good stimulating conversation and while we don't always agree on stuff, we understand perfectly well what the other person is actually talking about. it is such a nice treat in rescue. i made them come up here when we were done and left them with wilma, hopefully to form a bond...cuz i want wilma one day to go home with them!

not to worry you guys... we can wait til raleigh finds a new home of his own!

and i think (unless i forgot something) that this is all of the news thus far today.



Hey, Brianne isn't that bad. Maybe Mama T. whacked him. She's been known to lash out at the other guys too when they get in her face.

Mauro Salles

I'm recovering from a ridiculous RSI caused by computer mouse (my life with the "animals"). But always read the blog and glad to see that Molly II is OK, biting a DINGO!!!! Brave girl!!! LOL

Rottie Rescue

Bev says Molly is a good dog. LOL she isn't used to all the activety and she is just trying to find her place. She may change but I doubt she will get really bad. The problem is she is younger and faster and healthier then all the others. I will go thru my files to see if I have anyone that is still looking. The fact that she can live with cats is a real plus for her.


hi mauro..where have you been lately, we missed you!

they said she is a nice dog and they are going to try to find her a home. there is no rush and i still want to get some of her basics done yet, like vaccines and now that the honeymoon is apparently ending i want to see what direction she is moving in.


Wonderful news of "unofficially" placing first in the Pepsi Challenge.I will be back on the blog tomorrow with the link on Cats Cradle Animal Rescue, Victoria entered in $10K, Food and Shelter. I am hoping everyone has missed voting daily and will be happy to support them with votes this cycle :)