Rescue Journal

making friends with honey

Carol  ·  Jan. 3, 2011

so tonight honey has decided that i am her friend. we had a nice cuddle, she did the face licking thing and we played a little bit too. i have explained to her that she should consider this sort of like a bit of a hospital...we get her bloodsugars under control and she starts to feel better and then when she is ready, she goes home again.

i normally refuse to pay for and provide medical care for already have a home pets..but honey's family when they first contacted me, wanted to surrender her to get her the medical care that she needs. they had hit upon a temporary hard road of financial difficulties and honey picked that very bad time to get sick. their only option for her wellbeing was to surrender her to someplace able to provide her with that care...which royally sucked because they do seem to be a good home.

we are too full and even tho she is a sweet and adorable little seemed stupid to take her on for probably the rest of her life when she had a perfectly good home already that just needed some temporary help.

i pretty much always at some point do things that i say i don't taking on the medical costs of dogs like honey who already have a home. every case is individual so i really don't have written in stone rules. that we are friends..i feel bad leaving her all alone over in the mp building pen. she says she is lonely, she says she wants to be with somebody more than she is. i am trying to be strong here...her next blood sugar curve is on wednsday and if she is reasonably well controlled..she can go home by the weekend with a stable and predictable dose and a bottle of insulin and a bunch of syringes to get her started and then her family and their vet can take over the lower diabetic maintenence costs.

and i don't have to take in a new dog who probably will not get adopted and try to make room for her on my bed.

anyway..the jury is still out on if i can be tough and honey will stay over where she is til she goes all depends on how good she is at making me feel guilty for taking the time and the energy to help her to feel better.

i really hate caring for other people's animals...they have no idea what arrangements we humans have made..she probably thinks she is here forever and that pen will suck if it is forever and i am thinking she will only be here for a few more days so she should stay where she is.

great minds do not always think alike...sometimes they think totally different.