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i don't know how to add fancy buttons and stuff to this blog...all i know how to do is type a post, publish it and cut and paste the occasional email. so please folks..don't feel slighted if i don't add fancy links and things...cuz i can't....don't know

Carol  ·  Jan. 5, 2011


We voted for you in the last round and are wondering if you could lend your support to our group in this round. The idea is for First Nations Spay/Neuter and Companion Animal Education Programs.

The link to our idea is:

The link to our website is:

The link to our facebook is:

The Turtle Garden Rescue has put our cause on their front page and is asking for their supporters to support us also in this round. CAWES, off of Bowen Island, has also done the same as has A Better Life Dog Rescue.

We are based out of Alberta but we adopt and foster out to B.C regularly. We have a strong network in B.C and would like to continue to build it.





I would have preferred LAPS to have sent in a proposal that had an animal welfare slant rather than a training center (which is essentially a dog training facility)


Don't forget LAPS(Langley Animal Protection Society) is also in the running - for $100K.


I can relate to the not being able to add links and buttons to webpage, I am just grateful you took the time to "copy and paste" my request for Cats Cradle Animal Rescue in $10K a few blogs ago! You are AWESOME! I had already added Rescue4life to my vote list, so many great animal rescue groups this round, I want them all to win.

Carol Ann

I've already started voting for this they were #52 today lets get voting !