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hee hee

Nicole  ·  Jan. 6, 2011

I'm sorry but I entered another contest! Don't know if we have a fat chance in hell of winning, but I figured it can't hurt to try.
Anyways, I've entered Shrek's lovely mug in a photo contest with Bissell. I'll be entering another one of my SAINTS adoptees each week of the contest and I'll post it here.
Anyways, here's the first entry. You can't start voting until next Wednesday at which point I'll post on how to vote. (once a day for 7 days)
Here's the link



Ive got some stunning photos of Nudge but yes Phoebe is very photogenic.


I'm with Amy, I am starting to think I am permanently attached to my computer chair, reading blogs, voting, reading blogs, voting....what did we do before this all started? Will add this to my list of things to vote for! :)

Amy M

Good for you Nicole. Reading the blog and then voting has become part of my OCD ;)


Yes, I will admit Phoebe's a great looking dog, and does take a good picture. Let's stop there,- I won't go any further.