Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 7, 2011

honey is going home tonight..i am just waiting for her family to arrive so i can show them how to do her insulin injections with her bedtime dose tonight. they are able to follow thru with their own vet on her next glucose curve....yay get to go home..she will be really happy about that!

frodo is home from the vets..they sedated him and were able to comb him out so he didn't get shaved. they found a small abcess at the side of his mouth...which makes me wonder who the heck bit him cuz he is never around any of our other animals. my assumption is he either got into a fight with a neighborhood cat or he got bit by a rat he was trying to kill. anyway..they cleaned it up and drained it and gave him an antibiotic injection. he is totally pissed right off with me tonight so i am leaving him alone cuz i think he wants to bite me! i shut him up into the suite with fresh food and water cuz he is still a bit wobbly from the sedation..i will see if he is well enough tomorrow to toodle around a bit more.

cali couldn't come home was a pretty big surgery and she was having some pain issues this afternoon. i will set up a confinement cage for her in anticipation of her coming home possibly tomorrow. the vet did not get all of the was just to difficult. but hopefully she will heal well and we gave her a bit more quality of life time.

tucker did not have his eye enucleation surgery today..they just ran out of time. so he will probably have it tomorrow but he may not make it home til after the weekend...we'll see.

i am now off work for one week...i will have to clean the shop is totally destroyed since the last clean up in november...i have no idea how to keep it decently maintained so i don't have to use each of my sets of holidays to keep righting it time after time again.

little mini-me is doing ok...she is kind of needy but cute.

molly2's potential foster is coming on saturday at 1130 with their dogs to do a meet and greet...leila? were you able to be here too at that time to see how it goes?

our nameless northern boy should be arriving next week...nicole is coordinating soon as we know for sure, i will pass it on to you!

and yes phoebe looks sweet in her new sweater...but tammy i think it is too tight around her chest and front legs. i tried to help her get it off but she started to get nasty so either you have to get it off in one piece or i will be cutting it off her with scissors cuz i ain't getting bit over any freaking sweater no matter how cute and soft it is..



I'll get her sweater off. Its a form fitting sweater to show off her figure.
I have two new jackets for her to wear outside in the nasty weather coming.


Yes I can come at 11:30 and I can film the loader chicks too. I bought myself a camcorder for Xmas. Phoebe is too funny. I wouldn't take the sweater of her either.