Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 7, 2011

do you remember the 2 dogs with the loser owners across the street on clay that used to hang out at the old saints all the time?.... bess and.....??????what did we name him???? anyway..suddenly the dogs disappeared and the owners moved and eventually we found out they left the dogs behind but the new people had taken bess to their old home til the new place was ready and the other dog was taken to the spca (it really bugs me that i can't remember his name!)

anyway...she just posted on facebook and they still have bess (yay!)...but now i am thinking of him again and hoping he found a great home too. geez..i wish i knew.

ah well...just thought i'd share the good news that bess is ok and the old worry about where is he now? with you too.
i hope you remember his name.



chances are that if he has had fleas at any point he probably has tapeworm. he would have a big appitite and still be losing weight...and he would have a poor coat too because the worms eat up all of the nutrients the cat ingests.
sometimes certain indicators in a high calcium count can point towards some cancers but there are no actual cancer blood tests in at least the general bloodwork panels (there are some specialized cancer marking blood tests for ovarian or prostate cancers and a few others). cancers are usually found during physical a mass is felt in the belly or on a kidney or during of the lungs or abdomal area.

i would for sure do the de-worming but she will need to use a de-wormer that gets tapeworms cuz not all of them do. the vet can tell her which ones to use....and you have to do it as dose and then a repeat dose later on...if you mess up the two dose spacing you might as well not even bother cuz you won't get the worms at the vulnerable part of their life cycle.


anybody have any ideas on this. my daughter took her cat into the vets, 12 years old always been healthy, now very thin ribs showing large appetite ;legargic poor coat. they did some blood tests and urynalisis tests on her came back with nothing showing. the vet says to deworm her that might be the problem. they were testing her for diabetes and thyroid. if it is cancer could it show up in blood test or not. 300 dollars later and no answer. kind of frustrating.

Mauro Salles

Just for fun, some stupid options for the dog's name ==> Could be Porgy? Or SMIT, from BESSie SMITh?


me.. remember a name from 6 years ago... ROFLMAO I had a hard time coming up with the name fourlane last week when I was browsing the photo gallery.

Of course that doesn't mean I can't worry about him.. I hope he landed somewhere safe cuz I do remember that they were both great dogs.... if it pops into my head ( that happens alot ) I will post it.

Jenn Hine

Colleen I wish ... I am doing wedding stuff with my friend :( brides maid dress shopping--wah!

I will be up sunday though and I can't wait to see you!! and this "hilarious toy"

Colleen B

hey old saints friends! I'm in town visiting and I'm coming up to visit today, tomorrow and sunday. Looking forward to seeing everyone! Jenn...I have the most hilarious toy...will you be there tomorrow with your camera?