Rescue Journal

i am pretty sure that we were put on this earth...

Carol  ·  Jan. 8, 2011

not only to protect animals but to protect humans too. we had a visitor today who when she arrived said she wanted to adopt pugsly...well pugsly is gone...she was adopted 3 years ago and is only on our 2008 happy tales adopted page. well..if pugsy wasn't available then she wanted to adopt yoshi...she came with a tiny babe and a toddler at her knees. i said you do realize that our animals are very old? 16, 17 18?...oh. and you know that they have health issues that cost a lot of money to treat? and many of them are incontinent and because they are so old, probably will bite little kids?
oh, no..i don't want a dog who will bite the children...

honestly... if either of them accidently touch yoshi's face they will probably lose a finger.

is this all of the thought that folks put into getting a family pet...i want this one..i want that one..i want any one that i can get?
an old dog has to automatically be a safe dog? an easy dog?...the older they get, the more care they require...and gentler and kinder and safer needs to be the home.

was it just before xmas when the poodle seekers came? any god damn poodle would have done as long as under the tree was a poodle wrapped with a bow.

and this is exactly why they have to shut down pet selling pet stores and back yard breeders and puppy mills..because people are utterly clueless when easily obtaining pets one day and dumping them some other day and buying yet another one as soon as the new pet mood strikes.

i have heard so many complaints over the years that rescue is far to difficult to adopt from..we are too picky, there are too many hoops to jump thru, the process is too involved, too invasive, too frustrating...well yeah it is to the impatient and the ill prepared.

but to the thoughtful and the cautious and the considerate of both human and animal needs, it is a planned out, life long journey that everyone wants to embark on and travel thru safely and happily.

i swear, some people put more time and effort into choosing the right shampoo for their hair then they do in choosing a dog.