Rescue Journal

quickies cuz i want to go warm up with the bed buddies before i have to put the barn to bed.

Carol  ·  Jan. 8, 2011

cali is home...she was pretty traumatized by the whole surgical thing. i set up a recovery cage for her and she started chowing down as soon as i had her in. suture removal and re-check in 10 days.
welcome home cali...we missed you!

molly2 went off to her foster home. we decided on a one week trial and leila will check in with her over that time. the only real concern is the 2 resident dogs are very young..less than 2 and they are quite rambuctious in their play and it might just be too over stimulating for might be really good for her or it might not be so great. anyway..leila will keep an eye on her and if it is not ok, she will come back here again.

our vet called while i was in town picking up groceries before i went to get cali...and she said she was willing to foster pixie until we see how she does with that sinus tract that she has. this is so perfect because she will get the very best of care and by the time her potential family returns..we will know exactly how difficult or easy it is to manage her in a family home. if it is too much for the new family, well then she will stay with colleen.

you can't get much better than that for option A and B for our tiny and frail little pixie pop...she wins either way. needless to say i ran home and grabbed her and dropped her off when i picked cali up.

the new hay came...we have a new supplier because our old supplier turned over the smaller orders to this other farm. so 100 bales of orchard grass with a little bit of alfalfa hay mixed in were delivered and to me it looks like great stuff...i just hope our guys all really like it. we will see.

my funny for today which wasn't really funny but was totally surprizing...

our first family group for a tour came a little bit early. the weather was nasty so i took them into the mp room to wait. lucky nuzzled one of the small children and quickly determiined that her winter jacket was soft and plushy...just like her stuffy she wrapped her giant mouth around that poor childs arm and tried to make off with her new toy. the little girl said in a squeaky toy voice..i think this dog is biting me...i said no she isn't really honey, she thinks you are a toy..and had to pry lucky's mouth off that babes little stuffy toy arm.
geez lucky..children in soft and stuffy jackets are not toys for you to eat.
that dog is sweet but i swear she is dumb as a brick.

ok,,..warm up time with the bed freaking feet are freezing!


Carol Ann

I AM SOOO HAPPY FOR PIXIE. She deserves the best --such a sweet frail little thing. :)