Rescue Journal

today is get ready day...

Carol  ·  Jan. 9, 2011

ready for new teenage chickens...ready for when tucker comes home from the vets...ready for when whatzisname arrives from up north...i will have to have plan a b and c in place cuz i know next to nothing at all about that dog.

all i know for absolute sure is..there will be no newcomers on my bed. i woke up this morning to 13 little bodies surrounding me and getting out of bed without waking them all up was a bit of a made it to the unlucky for me, bed buddy 13....gosh she is cute.

tina-fey is driving me nutz...that dog causes more bedtime havoc then a dozen other dogs combined. i THINK she might be trying to play when she pisses everyone off but it always ends up into a major argument cuz she is totally obnoxious about it all. i tried sticking her in the playpen the other night which she was not happy about.
my attitude was "too freaking bad..." until i glanced over and saw her crawling over the top..."holy shit tina if you fall you will break your freaking back!!!!!".....i got out of bed and grabbed her pretty darn fast!

last night she tries to mount prince and knocked him right off of the bed...i was diving to grab him before he hit the floor but it was too late....TINA! BAD DOG!!! can one little and low, crippled with arthritis dog cause so much bedtime chaos??? i was thinking of sewing her in a bed time bag at night...except i don't sew....i wonder if anyone makes zippered pillow cases...that might work ok too.

just kidding...but the real thought might work pretty good.

oh well..i got away with sticking phoebe in a closet...i probably better not push it too far by sticking dogs into cloth bags.
rescue could be so easy if i just could do mean stuff to them...oh well, no one said it was supposed to be easy...too bad.

i will point out tho that both daphne and griffin CHOOSE to sleep inside my pillow cases..ok so one end is open but bad can it be if they both like to sleep in them?

but it is kind of dangerous for me cuz sometimes i don't know that griffin is in a pillow and he freaks if i put my head on him.

gotta is starting again...brenda is here...yay!!!!!!