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i shouldn't have said that chickens are worthless...

Carol  ·  Jan. 10, 2011

cuz this is how many people they are not worthless to...

lets start with the staff and vets at the vancouver emergency clinic who worked to pull them thru. this includes nicole who both yesterday and today looked up many things, made phone calls, talked to her clinic vets and they looked up things and answered my questions and came up with suggestions on how to keep them there was the vet bird expert they consulted with today too.

first thing this morning i was down at the valley feed bag to pick my favorite farmer/farm animal supply store owner's brain. rod steered me to the chick starter...called around and found me the small cage sized heat lamps and also found me elizabeth's wildlife number so i could call her right from the store.
elizabeth took the time to talk to me, and offerred some more suggestions.
the staff and vets from hillndale, cedar grove, agwest and eastridge all chipped in and offerred what advice they could.
ryan and renee hauled stuff around and looked for things we needed, renee, tammy and laura held the babes while they were fed and medicated.

so how many people is that in less than 24 hours..way more than a dozen who pitched in, in some way to help 4 sick and vulnerable baby chicks.

now if you want to include our staff, volunteers, donors, supporters and friends who keep saints alive and functioning every day so that we are here and able to help 4 little helpless babes when they need...i bet then we are reaching upwards to a thousand..that is a lot of people who see the value in every life. i was wrong to say what i was my headache talking back then....chickens are not worthless to many, many of us.

and here is my little chuckle for today...yes even on days like today there is the light of humour somewhere around here.

and tonight it was in my bathroom.

i do believe that tonight was the very first time that our chicks have seen a human take a hot bath...quite frankly they were fascinated and it occurs to me that i gave these little ones their very first....

peep show!



Carol Ann, Can you send me an email with Dionne's last name in it? I need it for the pepsi grant.

Carol Ann

" FUNNY" you always make me laugh even when there doesn't seem to be anything to laugh about. The comments are great too. You are all so entertaining. THANKS