Rescue Journal

i do wonder why i actually take vacation days...

Carol  ·  Jan. 13, 2011

honestly, my life is alot easier when working 2 jobs...saints will just suck every second up of any time off. monday was a write off with half a dozen vet runs..tuesday was not much better, short staffed and with jesse, tucker and hilda and their vet in and outs....yesterday got eaten up with covering workload while short staffed again.

so i have today and tomorrow left of my supposed vacation...and that freaking shop is still not is not even started. part of me wants to just say screw it and if everyone shows up for work today...i could just disappear.

but then that mess in the shop will keep bugging me until my next vacation days. i am starting to hate the shop cuz it just will not stay tidy and really, really is bugging me.

and i was supposed to get saints year end stuff together on this set off too...why is there always a never ending list of stuff that we have to do????

oh well..i guess since the week has been so was good i was off..but it is so hugely frustrating to me that my best laid plans just never seem to work out.

updates...the baby chicks are doing well...they are getting bigger and space in my bathroom for their crate is going to become an issue when i move them into a larger one....i will end up losing my bathtub and that TOTALLY is the only space big enough to hold a bigger cage...and that bathroom is so small that moving the cage in and out so i can actually bath...will NOT be worth moving the chicks, the work of breaking it down and re-setting it up to get it in and out just so i can have a hot bath...i think i might just start going to work early and showering there.

new cat coming in...a four year old diabetic that due to a family break up with little options for continued caring for him, has to be out of the house by monday. no point in getting all judgemental about this..the family hit a brick wall while splitting and made some difficult choices and the cat has no where to go so i guess he is coming here.

oh yay..back up to five diabetics...they are so time consuming each morning when i am trying to get off to work.

molly 2 is coming back today..leila and i decided to pull her out of her foster home. it is a good home but the risks with molly develping some really difficult issues because of the rambuctiousness of the 2 very young dogs and her reacting in not such great more of a risk then i want to take with her so she is coming home....again...oh yay.

oh well....i better stop fussing and face whatever just might include some time in the hell shop..i will feel temporarily better if i can get at least it done.