Rescue Journal

for some reason i forgot to post this morning..i wrote it..i just didn't post it...duh.

Carol  ·  Jan. 14, 2011

conan is such a barbarian...i am sitting here this morning reading my emails and drinking my tea when suddenly all i can smell is the overpowering scent of cat pee. when i look down to find it, what do i see?...but that bloody barbarian, conan...pissing on the dog bed right beneath my feet.

jeezus conan...can you at least not even have the decency to try to hide what you are doing and not blatantly do it right under me!!!

speaking of unpleasant odors....those baby chicks are starting to bathrrom is much too small to hold them and the not so nice pooping smells they produce far too regularly...hmmm...i should say constantly. now that tucker has decided he doesn't like the bird holding pen anymore....i am thinking those chicks could move over to there in a bigger cage and they will be happier and my bathroom won't smell so gross all of the time. and there is a nearby safe outlet to plug their heat lamp into over there too.

oh renee and ryan...i have an extra job for you two!

quite the rainfall last night..i should go and check the bottom field and see if it flooded again...but if it did it means i have to climb into the pond and unplug that drain pipe which is not something i think i should have to do if i am taking the day off!

as far as adopting another dog....i am not really doing that right just totally bugs me that bambi 1 is one of the best dogs around here and she never gets a single inquiry because she looks like a demented mini walrus.

well..better get dressed..poke the diabetics and start my day off..i am assuming we are fully staffed today cuz i haven't heard otherwise yet.