Rescue Journal

bibi fell down tonight and couldn't get back up

Carol  ·  Jan. 15, 2011

four stategically placed carpets later i finally got him outside where he is better on his feet. i am leaving him out for a bit til he gets his sea legs back under him before i let him in the mean time..the kitchen will be carpeted for him for the next little while and he will have to stay in the kitchen when he is not goofing around outside.

please keep the carpets down tomorrow and keep the entire room covered..i don't care if anyone pees on the rugs..we can live with it for a day or two til i see if bibi can get his back end strength up again. but to give him the best chance i do not want him trying to walk and falling down on the slippery lino.

new rule for now for bibi...keep grippy carpet well under his feet.