Rescue Journal

never assume...

Carol  ·  Jan. 16, 2011

it hurts.

i have not been beat up by the barn guys for quite a long while...sigh..i was hoping we were past the exuberant "let's kill carol" stage.

apparently not.

i THOUGHT the gate from the riding ring to the pasture was was closed so i thought it was locked occurs to me now that it may have once been open but the buggers pushed it closed.

so unbeknownst to me..there is an unlocked gate between several thousand pounds of hungry barn animals and not so little (but old and crippled) me...who happened to be holding 7 grain bowls full of their feed.

they smashed thru that gate and pinned me to the new goat's gate and stampeded into the riding ring.
you try being squarely caught between a metal mesh gate and 1500 pounds of crushing your ribs percy and see how you make will probably like me make it out alive with sore ribs, a sore upper back and a mild case of whiplash.

thank god that gate actually caught me because if i had been knocked to the ground, that stupid beast and his eager followers would have trampled me.

freaking brainless i think i know why farmers do not let their cattle get is because it hurts less when they are crushing you to death.

tucker is a funny 6 am when i was trying to get him out for a pee, he slipped his collar and ran back to his bed...i guess he does not do rain in the morning. i took him for a walk tonight in the upper field...percy, joy and em came up to introduce themselves thru the gate and tucker decided to try to take them down...they ran away.
i am thinking i might take tucker out with me at feeding times so he can chase the cows around and keep them busy til i am actually ready to feed.

altho, on second thought..this might not be such a great job for a blind dog.

well..i think muscle relaxants and a very hot bath are in order tonight so i can move for work in the morning.
thank you anne for cleaning my no longer smells like chicken shit so i will have a very nice bath!



Next handyman project... put up grain troughs so we can dump into them from the safe side of the will save a toe or 2 as well. I will guess that we did not open the gate wide enough cuz if it is pushed open all the way...I don't think they can push it closed... note to all barn volunteers... push that gate as wide open as it will go.

Sorry..glad you are still here & standing


i am assuming you wouldn't see the humour in having to explain why you <strong>had</strong> to take over saints..."my dear mother was crushed by a cow."

oops, sorry...but too funny!