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SOS Pheobe video

Jenn  ·  Jan. 17, 2011

I finished up this video I have been working on about Pheobe tonight to try and take my mind off of Daisy Fae. Every time I think of her I start weeping. She really is one of my very best friends for the past 13 years and just the thought of her in pain or alone right now at the vets is breaking my heart. Just the thought of my life without her very soft face, her puring, her sweet golden green eyes, and her flip flopping in my arms is tearing me up.


So enough weeping for now. I hope you will enjoy and have a good laugh at Pheobe's very own video. She finally gets to the be the star and centre of attention in her own full-length SAINTS video.

Pheobe is a very challenging and difficult dog to live with. After going through no less then 7 homes she is now a permanent sanctuary dogs at SAINTS rescue.

For Phoebe's full story visit:

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OMG I almost peed my pants!! Carol you know Dana is to blame for that dog.... MinPin my arse.......


Finally Phebes in her own show. Good work Jenn.
You captured the real Phoebe.
Thanks for the laugh.


lynne trying doing a search just for Canada, BC, Mission. and then you will have a about 5 shelters show up; click on SAINTS


okay i have had trouble voting on the new challenge. i type in everything and it says no matches found. used to be saints just came up as a fav and i had to type on the name. help.


very funny vid! she looks like she's really pretty quick... does she have the focus/drive to do agility? it might give her a way to expend ALL that energy and do something more positive than slice Larry's ear.


She's my Molly, reincarnated into a wild red Phoebe!!! Yes, I owned one just like her and there was no doubt as to who ruled the world when she was alive. I actually love the energy and zest for life Phoebe has. But then, I don't have to live with her. Great video!


Oh yes finally she will be recognized as a Hollywood star. "Phoebe Rose Hine" a starlette. I can see her name in lights!

Linda de J.

I'm just saying.....might be a whole other world of opportunity out there awaiting Phoebe.

Linda de J.

Phoebe would fit right in Mark Harden's pack ( professional animal trainer for film in Hollywood).There's a chapter in Cesar Millan's new book on Mr. Harden and a section entitled "Bad Dogs are Winners". Someone needs to send this clip to him. Opportunity awaits Phoebe!!


Hilarious! I enjoyed the speeded up "killing of the stuffy" or maybe it wasn't speeded up??!!