Rescue Journal

updates on the new ones coming in

Carol  ·  Jan. 18, 2011

North (for lack of a better name right now)...arrives from up north on wed. this week.

Missy (the new stray dog who will stay in foster care with her finder for now)..we have actually traced her previous owner thru her tattoo....they will be probably be signing missy over to us in her best interests, so that is good.

plus a new old desperate dog that i mentioned a few days ago... will be be coming next week..i don't have a picture of her but apparently she is a 15 or 18 yr old rotti cross (2 different ages were given) who suffers from dementia and is forever wandering alone on the streets. her family has agreed to sign her over to saints....her name is noelle...marie will be bringing noelle out next time she comes.

there is also an FIV cat by the name of Big Ben..he is with another rescue group and will be coming in once we have a cage free to admit him, maggie will bring him as soon as we have a space....i don't have a picture of ben either but we will get one when he arrives.

welcome to the newest saints.

on a final and sad note...daisy fae had her repeat xray today...with the fluid out of her lungs it was easy to see the very large tumour in there. daisy was very upset when i saw her this morning so i took her back to the family home this afternoon...jenn and brian and i will take turns keeping an eye on her and she has lasix to help keep from filling up with fluid again.we have booked her home euthanization late on thursday afternoon...the family will be there and daisy will have a couple of days to forget how upset she was at the vets and hopefully she will feel happy that she made it safe back home.


Carol Ann

What can I say except I know what you are feeling. I've had to go through this many times also. It always hurts like hell.

Mauro Salles

I can't even imagine what that's like for you. Only the time passing can heal your sadness. :( :(


Hoping Daisy Fae has some beautiful days ahead. If only we could all go with such love and grace.

My condolences to those who love her so. As one who has many times loved an animal who has passed on I so feel for you. Not easy but a testament to how much we care. So sorry for your loss.

Colleen B

My heart breaks for you guys...always remember the wonderful life you shared with her.


So sorry about Daisy Fae. I know that she will have a wonderful time between now and Thursday. Happy memories reign and may her passing be quick and painless.

As for North, he reminds me of a Coyote X I had as a child named Chevy. I think it's the eyes.