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a quick update on molly2

Carol  ·  Jan. 21, 2011

she had her vet appointment today....when they pulled the file of molly2..they had 19 yr old, 20 pound little brown molly2...double oops...molly2 is really molly3 and so who the heck is molly1???...shit! i can't remember! to her pain issues..the vet gave her a full going over...she has pain in her right wrist and some pain in her back legs. he thinks she has a chronic arthritis in that wrist and he thinks she damaged the cruciate muscles in her back legs sometime in the distant past.

all in all the visit went well...the vet said she is a really nice dog! yay molly!! and brandon feels that she is fitting into the family really well, is not the least bit concerned with her arthritic issues and is willing and able to take care of her medical YAY molly AND brandon!!!!

looks like molly3 is a keeper!!!!!


Chris T

Yes, Molly the Pilates Queen. She is doing very well and still stretching. We stopped aging her every year because she has been with us for almost 4years, which would make her 22. We found her tattoo. It was done in 2000, so we think she is much younger, maybe 12 or 13. She can still strip raw chicken off a bone in under 15 minutes with no teeth. Everyone is still afraid of her shark attack. Lately she has decided that going outside to pee is ok. She still spins everywhere she goes. She is a great dog.


molly 1 is deb, chris and angelina's pilates-doing molly (or mollie).
also for those who haven't been on the saints facebook fanpage, jenn put up 30 new amazing photos, especially the one of tucker. if you're not yet a 'fan' of us on facebook, click on the 'find us on facebook' button below the orangey sidebar on the right side of the blog.


Nice to hear the good news. Molly is a very nice dog that deserves a great home.