Rescue Journal

ginger passed away today

Carol  ·  Jan. 21, 2011 the loving arms of tammy at home. she has had a very good last week but today things started to get rough for her again. tammy arranged for the vet to come and help ginger pass peacefully away.

she was a very sweet cat who found life was difficult and frightening until tammy took her home and gave her the home that she craved. ginger was one of those traumatized cats who needed to be secure and safe. she needed the predictability and the never ending concern and love that tammy was so easily able to share.

i know tammy is really feeling her loss today, and i offer my deepest condolences..but i can't help but think what a lucky little cat was ginger to find such happiness in the last 2 years of her life.

rest in peace ginger, and tammy, please take comfort in the happiness that you gave her.

ginger...18 yrs young.



Nudge and Gang want you to know that you made a great home for Ginger when it was needed most. Feisty little old lady cats know they have landed on their feet when that happens and are very very grateful. You're a good sort Tammy. May memories of Ginger make you smile away those tears.


I add my condolences to everyone else's Tammy - I know Ginger must have had the very best home if she was with you.


Ginger was a very special girl, as they all are. When I first brought her home I thought we maybe had six months together, that was two years ago. Those two years flew by.
She turned into a fiesty little lady who knew what she wanted. I'm going to miss her sleeping on my stomach every night and her loud rumbling purr.

Carol Ann

aww I'm tired of saying I'm sorry but I am Tammy. She looks really sweet and 18 is not too bad. RIP ginger!


I am so sorry for the loss of Ginger. What a pretty cat. Those eyes say a lot. Tammy - GOOD JOB! You gave a wonderful little creature the respect love and dignity that most of us would like. I know I don't know you but you cared for an animal like this and as we unfortunately know, that is all to rare in this world. I'm sorry for your loss, but I 2nd what Carol said, you gave her happiness and in the end that is all that matters! She was in your arms, she knew love right to the last! Good for you!
You are in my thoughts. :)