Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 21, 2011

it feels like a revolving door around here.

not just the letting everyone in and out and out and in 20 times a day...but the in and outs of animals coming and going to saints...our door sees a lot of heavy traffic...and so do our hearts.

so the in and outs of today are....

something is up with chester..his foster home rushed him into the vets today and the clinic wants to do a chest xray...i am waiting to hear what is up with him..i hope it is nothing serious.


pixie has settled back in here like a tiny dirty little shirt...she has her routine which she likes and we do not mess with it.


wilma will be going home with zoe 2 (if she actually gets around to checking her cell messages and returning my phone call!!!!) and yes i am sorry but i detest the name of sugar but whatever her name is doesn't really is a small price to pay for a very great home.

jingles went out into permanent foster care today...AND mini-me will be joining her in the same home late next week (she has her surgeries booked for next thursday so she can go after that.)


hootie has a very good home in the works...we are just working thru the processes involved. i have decided to let her go without sidney...she will have another young shitz for a friend and sidney might miss her because they do like to play together..but they are not hugely otherwise emotionally bonded.

and for new incoming...we have noelle the ancient rotti coming this weekend...and we have mystic, a 3 month old puppy coming on tuesday.

a puppy????

yes a puppy...we are not just seniors, we are also special needs. and baby mystic is palliative care...she is suffering from bilateral renal dysplagia (an untreatable genetic disease) and will probably not live to reach her first birthday. she is high maintenence daily care needs but she should feel well until her kidneys give out.
so we are going to love and spoil rotten a baby for whatever time that she has..... because that is what we do in palliative care.

and the revolving door at saints is in full swing...sometimes i do get a little bit dizzy.



I'm so glad the puppy has found a home with you Carol. Sounds like her condition will be challenging, who better to keep her comfortable than her very own nurse momma


Oh no! I am terrible at checking my messages and I didn't see any missed call! I didn't want to bother you but I have been waiting anxiously to get her here and I missed your call this whole time... I hope it isn't too late I'm checking it now and calling you back :)


jingles and mini me are just the sweetest things, thats so awesome they get to go together!


yes rae she is...and noah and deb you are both very much welcome...all of you have had a very tough time lately and i am so sorry for that....but we will take good care of your little best friend....but gosh i have to tell you..i am dreading a pure white, fuzzy little puppy goofing around in the pond and the barn...a certain little one better like baths!


Hi I'm Noah, Mystic's brother and I'm so happy that Mystic will have an awesome home. Thank you very much. Love you Mystic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Carol is your little puppy the samoyd puppy I read about on Craigslist?(Sorry my spelling sucks)


after visiting saints today, i know that our Mystic will not only be cared for but truly loved. we thank you carol for giving our puppy another chance at life with a great home and great vet care ... see u tuesday


talk about a coincidence.....i just got a call from the folks wanting to adopt pix...they just got back from their trip and want to pick her up on sunday. i gave them the low down on what has been happening with her the past month and have told them to talk to their vet, have their vet talk to our vet and get a full report before we go any further with this. if they can handle her care needs and give her a great home...well that would be great but i am not sending her out until everyone fully understands what her having a chronic and untreatable but managable with some extra care oral/nasal fistula really means.

Carol Ann

wow I'm happy for all of them going to good homes but I will miss them all. I'm sad for sidney too. I'm excited for the puppy! I love puppies. Good news here I had the lab spayed yesterday --but sadly I have to return her to her place of residence. So hoping I can keep her some day.


colleen came up with an easy system for feeding her that did not require daily flushing out that sinus tract which is good. she really did not interact with people much when she was gone...she just slept all of the time so i think she was a bit pissed at being uprooted.
anyway...her new family was supposed to be back on the 16th so i brought her home again in anticipation of her moving onwards...but sadly i have not heard from them since their return so i think it is a no-go for her.

which is fine...she is settled and happy here so i think i will just leave it at that for point in rocking her boat and this home has been busy on and off with travel for the past 2 months so i have decided she had waited long enough it was not meant to be for pixie....she really does have her routine figured out here and she has her moments of pixie dancing and kissy times in between sleeping...she is not complaining about being back in the least.

Colleen B

Some very great news! Why is Pixie back?

Good thoughts to Chester...