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can't sleep...

Jenn  ·  Jan. 22, 2011

it took forever for that little maniac mini-me to finally settle and let everyone sleep...and now i am wide awake. this so sucks cuz i was exhausted at 4pm and just wanted so badly to nap and here i am after midnight and sleep is so far away....6 am wake call for work is going to suck even more.

freaking dogs.

bambi2 is stretched out asleep on the couch...that is odd for her, she never sleeps on the couch. bibi is up and pacing...he is discombulated cuz he can't get out to the cat run..but it is closed for the night til 9 am so at least the neighbors will not have to listen to him barking in the early hours if he hears something no other creature can hear!

and since i am up and bibi is now up...shane is up now too...he wants to go outside for a sniff around...not happening, it will get all of the dogs going again.

in the wee dark hours...cats are easier to rescue then dogs...they just quietly go about their business, sneaking around.

we got the culture results back on czar..he has a staph infection on his face....that freaking horse has the equivalent of human impetigo...oh yay! thats the problem with really old horses...they are goes along with extreme aging...get a scrape or a scratch from something and poof, opportunistic staph moves in.

oh well at least it wasn't ringworm or an abcessed tooth which were the two things we were thinking.

i talked to the vet today about mystic when i was talking to him about molly3. he said we can put her on a moderately high protein diet and maybe use some foretkor and other drugs to help her kidneys keep functioning. i am thinking that the B vitamins and the antioxident fish oils might be good for her too. anything that will help her eliminate toxins without stressing her renal function ought to be good for her. i know that is what we did for james bond...and 8 months ago the vets said he was toast and would need euthanization within a couple weeks. and here he is now at 20, still lapping up milk by the kitchen sink....foretkor, a high fish diet and some vitamin B's has kept his trashed kidneys somewhat functioning.

here is the thing about senior animal rescue...these guys don't have a whole lot of time left. i have already talked to tammy about this...there are a lot of old cats here who need their final dream come true. ginger has left a space for someone new to find what she one will ever replace her, you just can't replace that kind of love lost...but you can give a different kind of love to someone who needs it just as much.

for those of us that do for animals at the very end of their lives...we grieve the ones who leave us while opening up our hearts and our arms wide....tammy will probably be taking home a new saint this weekend to give him or her another very happy and filled with love, life.

that takes a lot of takes a lot of strength but it also is what it takes to care for our seniors whose time is running out for them....that is the true heart of a rescuer..while tears fall for reaches out for the next.

and maybe this sucks for us...but it certainly does not suck for them!

sigh...maybe i will try another hot bath...maybe then i can sleep.



"that is the true heart of a rescuer..while tears fall for reaches out for the next."

I love that


Know where you're coming from, Carol Ann. Some years ago I lost three of the five I had all in one December. Now the family numbers five again plus Saint Millie. Mooch the orange tiger Mo found is named in memory of Mooch who passed on Christmas Eve day that grim December.

Carol Ann

Good for you Tammy I usually replace (for lack of a better word) one with two. I look at it as a tribute to the one i lost I loved them so much I have to fill the painful hole in my heart by loving another one or two. Soon the new ones fill my heart again and all is well. Besides there are so many needing love and care.


i went to your facebook page to see all Jenn's absolutely beautiful photos. glad to see chewy who is the luckiest animal on earth to land with you... not many would have gone through what you did in order to save him. I was especially taken with Misty (after ZIGGY and Larry, of course). She is a very beautiful cat.
also I liked the photo of what i assume to be the front gate... the one with the Xmas greens. I remembered one of your old posts about Bug and how you hung her chime over the gate... is the 3 vertical bell-shaped chime hers? and, could i please know whose chimes are on ether side of that one?


attn sat am volunteers...i may be late this morn but i WILL be there....