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Hijacked Post by PUPPY!!!

Sheila  ·  Jan. 22, 2011



We have him because of Carol so his cuteness overload should be able to be admired on SAINTS Blog. He is a foster...and looking for a home.



it came up as me because I was at your house uysing your computer and signed in as me. So you need to sign in as you or edit the comment and change the name to you. That puppy went up on the petfinders site as mystic and adoptable. So I have put that on hold and I will take the pictures off so I think Kathy Kelm thought that was mystic too.


Oops - I forgot about the puppy you posted about coming in. I will let Leila do a real post (update) on him. I will just say Chauncey is my PERFECT DOG
Not to active, couch potatoe type. Although I think the cats don't like him.


lol...thats not our newest palliative puppy folks! i just told the animal control staff to call sheila and leila when they talked to me about his problems...sheila and leila are absolute whiz's at difficult problem ridden puppies (i know this cuz i have sent them quite a few!!!)..i just passed that tid bit of info on!

how about a real post and update on the cutie pie you guys???...and yes he is freaking adorable!!!!!