Rescue Journal

man! i am good!

Carol  ·  Jan. 22, 2011

if you just do laundry...switch and fold and pretty much nothing else except blog, poke the occasional diabetic and pin dogs to goes pretty fast! i am doing one more load only and then there is just one full basket moving on into tomorrow (please be frugal in changing everyone`s beds tomorrow if at all possible...then i can catch up the rest after work when i get home!)

if all of the animals here had one wish in would be to please be a diabetic. they just do not understand that only the diabetics (and a few of the really frail guys) get fed every night and first thing every morning.
`please carol...we would like to be a diabetic too`this is what the cats in the back room were saying when oliver got fed and poked. and the dogs say the same..please feed and poke me next..please carol i really want to be poke fed.

and this is why i have few troubles with poking the diabetics with needles twice a day..during poking with needles,,,,their gluttonous faces are so deeply buried in the very tastiest food to be had here twice every day.

even caspar as horrid as he was and needing his muzzle..the second that muzzle was off,,,his face was in the bowl and all was forgiven. he never ran and hid from his fact he danced at my feet to get the food to move faster...granted the poke pissed him off but the food immediately made it all better.

people make a big deal initially over having to poke their furry diabetic friends....they think it is so mean to be poking needles into little beloved me..the animals here don`t think it is mean at all....they all want to be diabetics...diabetics get fed some pretty yummy stuff...three times at least every day...twice with their needles and once for their inbetween insulin snack..those other poor deprived diabetic-disease-free little suckers only get the really good stuff once at midday!