Rescue Journal

too funny....

Carol  ·  Jan. 22, 2011

and hope floats once again!

because of a comb!

so i am working on shanes coat which diana got a good portion de-matted today (yay)...and shane really likes brushing or at least the personal one on one attention that brushing him brings.

noelle took a peek around the corner to see what was up...and as soon as she spied the brushing that was going on...up went her head and her tail which started waving in a nice a cheerful way...and over she came to use her nose to flick my hand and the comb over to her dull and tufty coat.

then it was a contest.."brush me" said shane..."no me first" said noelle...jelly joined in and rubbed her face all along the side of both!

it was a big black and tan dog hair festival!

but what is pretty amazing is five minutes of brushing a dull and tufty, itchy dog...and now noelle is my best friend...shit i always thought it was the mr. christie peanut butter pirate cookies that were the best for making new friends!

anyway...she is here with me at the computer desk, enjoying my left hand running around her fur while i type with my right hand forefinger...she is smiling and looking almost pretty close to happy as i laugh at her.

shane however feels that for each cheerful moment noelle and i share...he should get an equally cheerful and happy moment...ha and ha again because of a little metal comb!!! i have 2 new and very good friends.

sometimes rescue is so freaky easy, it is almost (but not quite) embarrassing!

i think i will just ramble on and endlessly blog...if i stay in this part of the house the laundry quickly gets moved along....the good news...i can actually see the full laundry baskets now that the top piles are done!

jelly is a moron..i finally put all the food bowls back down cuz i am here and can watch....she takes a very full one and tosses it all over the kitchen floor!

and while i like old man shane a whole bunch...he is kind of stupid too. i had a full laundry basket of all of my clean bed blankets and linens waiting by my bedroom door cuz it will go in with me for folding when i finally head in there for the night.
freaking shane goes over and pisses right on top of everything!
can you see how much laundry i am having to do, you idiot dogÉÉÉ (ooops there goes the question mark thingy again!)

and here is the can say anything you damn well please to any and every dog (this is how i stave off rescue insanity) can call them`bad names, you can say horrible casually to phoebe...`i think i should cut your head off cuz without a head you would be a pretty nice dog.` and that freaking goof ball wags her tail and smiles at me.

you can do all of that BECAUSE..they read the tone of my voice and they read my body language so it doesn`t matter too much what i actually say to words don`t really count for anything..oh hey..just had a thought..this might be why they sometimes don`t listen to me!

but i will tell you what they will pay attention to...jelly shoved up and pinned up against the cupboard with the bristle end of my broom! i was trying to sweep up the dry dog food...noelle came to help by eating some of it..jelly had a silent, and deadly freaking fit and lowered her face to side by side with noelle`s innocent and unsuspecting neck....swoosh came the broom to shove jelly`s neck to the door and hold her there safely pinned (don`t even think about biting the new dog!) then that same broom relentlessly pushed her backwards thru her entrance room door...(and noelle just keeps eating totally oblivious to the danger lurking right by her face!)...slam went the door..jelly finally took her eyes off noelle and looked up at me...listen here babe...I OWN THAT FOOD THAT YOU TOSSED ALL OVER THE PLACE!

she understood that pretty well...was it the words or the body-broom languageÉÉÉ (freaking question mark thingy...i forget how i get that back...colleen told me how to do it last time...can you please tell me againÉ)...sigh..jelly is such a great dog as long as there is no food anywhere near.


colleen b

haha I think you just hold CTRL and tap SHIFT till you get your regular keys back. Those pesky cats are activating your secondary set of keyboard characters :)


i'm so happy noelle is starting to settle. that broke my heart today.


Lucky for Olivia getting a spare room all to herself. I put newcomers in a small hallway with a screen door to separate. That way they all see each other but don't touch! Except Nudge of course, no adjustment period necessary. She came straight out of the carrier and straight onto the bed and that was almost 4 years ago. She is still Queen of the bed!


Olivia settled in very quickly and easily. She is one very laid back, easy going lady. And she is happy.
Sam on the other hand is wondering what the hell is going on in the spare room. He knows something is up and he is not quite sure if he likes it or not. Time will tell.