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Bambi 1: The tongue slinger

Jenn  ·  Jan. 24, 2011

hehe. Good Morning :) :) :)

This movie is a lot of fun and so is this dog.

Bambi was a stray brought in by the Chilliwack SPCA. She was badly matted and needed most of her teeth extracted. She came to SAINTS rescue and she is just a happy go lucky girl.

She is such a ball of joy and so deserves a home to be spoiled in. I hope this video helps her find that home.

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OMG Where or where did you come up with that music? It is perfect for that clip! Nice job!


What a sweetheart! Thanks for the big grin Bambi and Jenn :) Hope she is adopted soon.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!! Carol, I sent you an e-mail about her. It's probably burried in your inbox. :)

Carol Ann

wish i could see it (stupid dial up) but she is a great little dog :)